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“BackerKit gave me the tools and support needed to launch my biggest project ever.”

Rachel Ruck


  • #1 Biggest Corviforms project out of 10+ campaigns

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success rate

9 out of 10 projects launched on BackerKit get funded


Had their best
project ever

BackerKit gives you the best chance at reaching your new, true maximum


Additional Funds
raised post campaign

BackerKit projects raise over a third more after the campaign ends

Our Approach

Breaking old rules for more breakout moments

Revising the mission

We’re updating the old mission of crowdfunding to thrive in the new creative economy.

Before, an idea was all you needed. But in today’s creative economy, bringing an idea to life is just the start.

At BackerKit, we don’t just bring ideas to life. We bring creators to live their boldest creative life and ever closer to their backers who make it all possible.

Reimagining the campaign

We’re changing how campaigns start and end, how many creators can run them together, and just how much fun they can be for you and your backers.

Don’t just run a campaign – host an experience. One that builds anticipation at every stage, fandom with each moment, and wild momentum all the way to the end – and into the next.

Redefining the platform

We designed BackerKit outside the traditional crowdfunding box to get you the outsized results you’ve been missing.

Through our industry-first offerings – no-lift marketing automations, infectious interactive fan experiences, and our new collaborative crowdfunding model – BackerKit pushes against convention so you can push past your limits.

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Next-generation crowdfunding
from end to end – and back again

“We took advantage of every single tool provided, from live streams to achievements and polls, to push our limits.”

Simone & Rico

Two Little Mice

  • #1 Most funded Italian RPG of all time

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Peak fandom, funds, and fun at every stage

By ratcheting up returns across key moments of the campaign, we help you extend the fun fan experiences – and with it, your funds – so they reach new heights at every stage.

Perfect your pre‑launch

Prime audiences for pledging way before you go live though audience-boosting tools and seamless marketing automations that bubble anticipation.

Turn every launch into a party

Build unstoppable momentum that lasts into the final campaign seconds, and far beyond, with livestream launch events, daily trivia challenges, follower-exclusive content drops, and so much more.

Hit your true maximum

Up the suspense and watch the pledges roll in. From runaway Backer Trains that drive back-to-back pledges to the unpredictable Overtime Mode that fuels last-chance funding – we turn up the heat in key pledge points to ignite your fans and blast past every funding goal.

Designed with your boundless growth in mind

BackerKit delivers seamless campaign outreach and operations, unmatched savings, and uncapped funding to unlock your greatest gains yet.

Unrivaled capabilities, unreal results

Maximize pre-launch demand, live campaign pledges, and post-campaign funding with ease through robust backer management, unlimited email marketing, and the #1 most trusted pledge manager – all in one place.

Fully integrated features, fully realized potential

Powerfully track and bridge pledge performance and audience insights across your campaigns so every project you launch comes ready with the backer audience and intelligence you’ve already earned.

Expanding creativity and reach through inspired collaboration

BackerKit is the only place where you can meet and team up with fellow creators to launch bigger and better campaigns, together. Join the #1 most active creator community Discord channel and our industry-first collaborative crowdfunding Cross-Collabs (Beta), Group-Collabs (Beta), and collab events.

“One of the most amazing crowdfunding experiences I've ever had.”

Therena Carlin

  • Over 10x projects funded, BackerKit Pintopia 2024 creator

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