Best way to digitally distribute downloads to your backers

Project creators brought us their digital distribution problems.
We showed them how it's done.

The best way to distribute downloads to your backers.

Unlimited Downloads

Free file hosting doesn’t scale. Using free file hosting works up until you bump into storage limits, daily bandwidth limits, and user connection limits. Upload any type of file. We’ll make sure that your backers can download it.

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Release downloads any time
  • No monthly fee

Smart Backer Groupings

Figuring out which backers get which files, then sending files out to each group and tracking it all takes a lot of effort. Import your backer data and easily select which groups receive specific digital downloads.

  • Collect backer preferences
  • Group backers automatically
  • Digital downloads dashboard

Automatic Code Distribution

Sending out passwords or unique codes such as Steam game keys can be a hassle if you don’t have a software solution. Upload your code bank and we’ll automatically assign codes to each eligible backer.

  • Distribute codes & game keys
  • Secure downloads
  • Low code-count alerts

Set It and Forget It

You’ll have to send out downloads each time a new backer places a pre-order or if an existing backer answers a survey late. Don’t repeat the file delivery process each time a new person backs your project. Enable auto-delivery to just “set it and forget it.”

  • Auto-distribute downloads
  • Automatic notifications
  • Deliver upon payment

Digital Downloads for Crowdfunding

Some of the biggest projects used BackerKit to distribute digital downloads.

Shadowrun Hong Kong

  • 32,776 backers
  • 59,420 codes
  • 149,546 file downloads

The Doubleclicks

  • 1,280 backers
  • 1,263 codes
  • 1,263 file downloads

Satellite Reign

  • 16,572 backers
  • 24,842 codes
  • 3,835 file downloads

BackerKit Digital Downloads

We have the complete solution for crowdfunding projects.

Survey backers

Ask backers to specify their download preferences to make sure that they receive the download that will work for them.

Distribute digital files

Distribute any type of file (PDF, MP3, MP4, JPG, GIF, ZIP etc.). If you can upload it (and it’s legal), we’ll deliver it.

Distribute codes & game keys

Upload an entire code bank and we’ll distribute individual codes to each backer. We support Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, and others.

Release downloads any time

Upload and distribute new digital downloads whenever they’re ready.

Automatic notifications

Automatically notify eligible backers whenever you distribute a new download.

Secure downloads

Each backer only has access to their own personal download page.

Unified experience

Backers can retrieve downloads directly from their BackerKit survey.

Auto-distribute downloads

Automatically distribute downloads to new backers and stragglers that answer their surveys late.

Unlimited downloads

Don’t worry about connection or download bandwidth limits. We have you covered.

Pre-orders and add-ons

Distribute downloads for campaign rewards, add-on purchases, and pre-orders with the same system.

Always improving

The BackerKit team works with every project to continuously improve the digital distribution process.

No monthly fee

Digital download distribution is included in all BackerKit service levels.