Get the most out of BackerKit with Expert Guidance

Creators needed help setting up surveys and working with data.
We built a team of backer management experts.

Your BackerKit Guide

Your BackerKit Guide

We’ve worked with thousands of projects. Your dedicated success manager will guide you through the BackerKit process and be your personal resource for questions and advice.

  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Expert Consultation
  • Phone & Email Support

Build Surveys for Actionable Data

Build Surveys for Actionable Data

We provide onboarding help and a thorough review of your project setup. We’ll identify any points of confusion for your backers and make sure that your data is structured to make manufacturing and fulfillment easy.

  • Survey Advice
  • Project Setup Review
  • Backer Support

Fulfillment Support

Fulfillment Support

Sometimes you’ll need extra help with gathering data and exporting reports for manufacturing and shipping. We’ll help you get the data that you need to stay on schedule.

  • Shipping Advice
  • Data Wrangling
  • Fulfillment Support

Expert Guidance

Working with BackerKit is like having a post-campaign advisor.
We’ll get you from surveys to shipped.

Dedicated Success Manager

You will have a dedicated creator success manager will work with you throughout your post-campaign experience.

Expert Consultation

Do you have questions or need advice? We’ve worked with thousands of projects. Let’s talk! We’ll get through it together.

Phone & Email Support

Get prompt help over email or schedule a call to discuss more complicated tasks.

Survey Advice

Do you have complicated reward tiers? We’ll help you figure out the best way to put your survey data together.

Project Setup Review

We review every project setup to catch and fix potential problems to make sure that everything is perfect before sending surveys out to backers.

Backer Support

We’ll coordinate your survey launch with our backer support team to make sure that they’re ready to provide the best experience for your backers.

Shipping Advice

If you’re still planning your shipping strategy, we can discuss your shipping options and find the best approach for your project needs.

Data Wrangling

We will help you find or build the data reports that you need for manufacturing and fulfillment.

Fulfillment Support

We’ll work with you on fulfillment integrations, using BackerKit Postage, or identifying the right export files for you when it’s time to ship.

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