Raise extra funds once your campaign ends

Our surveys are integrated with checkout,
so backers can purchase more items from your campaign.

Let backers select add-ons during the survey process.

Automate Add-On Sales

Backers love add-ons but asking them to overpledge or pay outside the campaign and then writing down what extras they want is a tracking nightmare. Let backers purchase add-ons during the survey process. Turn overpledges into pledge credit automatically or collect payments through Stripe & PayPal.

  • Add-On Items
  • Inventory Control
  • Automatic Pledge Credit Calculation
  • Stripe & PayPal Payment Integration

Be Flexible for Your Backers

Some of your backers will want to upgrade pledge levels. You might also need to collect shipping outside of the campaign. Give backers the ability to upgrade pledge levels and pay for missing shipping fees directly through the survey.

  • Pledge Upgrades
  • Pledge Level Targeting
  • Collect Missing Shipping
  • Recover Failed Payments

Glorious Order Management

BackerKit makes accepting add-on orders easy and managing them is even easier. All add-ons, pre-orders, and pledge upgrades will be reflected in each backer order. Use BackerKit’s automatic item counts, backer manager, data exports, and shipping tools to supercharge your operations.

  • Automatic Item Counts
  • Backer Manager
  • Robust Data Exports
  • BackerKit Shipping

Add-Ons, Pledge Upgrades, and More

The most powerful survey checkout experience.

Add-On Items

Give backers a chance to pick up the pledge items they didn’t get during the campaign. Your backers will ask you for it.

Custom Shipping Prices

Set domestic US, international, and country-specific shipping fees for add-on items.

Pledge Level Targeting

Offer different add-on prices to backers at different pledge levels. Choose which backer pledge levels can view each add-on item.

Automatic Pledge Credit Calculation

If your backer over-pledged in the original campaign, the extra funds will appear as pledge credit that they can use to purchase add-on items, upgrade pledge levels, or pay for shipping.

Collect Missing Shipping

Add domestic or international shipping fees to pledge levels if you forgot to collect shipping or charged the incorrect amount during the campaign.

Automatic Item Counts

Get item counts automatically from your survey results to get the most accurate data for your manufacturing orders.

Robust Data Exports

Export your data in a variety of formats for fulfillment center shipping or in-house order processing.

BackerKit Shipping

Buy USPS postage and batch print shipping labels with BackerKit shipping tools. Perfect for project creators that are handling shipping themselves.

Custom Item Descriptions & Images

Give each item an image and custom description and present a complete add-on item menu to backers.

Inventory Control

Set optional inventory quantities for each item and quantity purchase limits per backer to control limited supply items.

Stripe Payment Integration

Connect your Stripe account to collect payments from backers. Batch charge cards when you’re ready to process orders for shipment.

PayPal Payment Integration

Connect your PayPal account to collect PayPal payments from backers. Available for Professional and Enterprise Plans.

Pledge Upgrades

Let backers upgrade pledge levels after the campaign ends. Backers can upgrade pledge levels with a couple of clicks during the survey process.

Pledge Credit

Add pledge credit to individual backers to account for outside funds or to provide customer service flexibility.

Backer Manager

Powerful backer management and order processing software back-end for crowdfunding campaigns.

Add-ons for Crowdfunding

See how other projects have used BackerKit to save time and raise additional funds.

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