Meet Soundbrenner

Soundbrenner was founded by a team of technology-proficient musicians that journeyed from Berlin to Hong Kong on their quest to bring the most-advanced wearable metronome to market. The team spent months talking with other musicians and building prototypes to figure out what features they needed to build into the next-generation wearable metronome. After finalizing the design and lining up manufacturing, the team launched the Soundbrenner Pulse on Indiegogo and found instant validation with 2,367 backers contributing $239,079 to the campaign.

The Fulfillment Challenge

The Soundbrenner team was careful not to get too caught up in their own success--they knew that they had the fulfillment phase ahead but they didn’t know how difficult tracking all of it would be until they got a look at the data. Soundbrenner co-founder and CEO Florian Simmendinger explains, “after the campaign finished we started thinking about fulfillment and realized it’s going to be a huge problem. Some customers forgot to add shipping costs, some others got promised free t-shirts, some others received a special discount.” And then customers started asking to change their shipping addresses.

“Fulfillment seemed like a nightmare that would inevitably create lots of errors, frustration and work for everyone involved,” Simmendinger explained. “As soon as we understood BackerKit could solve those problems it was a no-brainer to use it.”

How Soundbrenner Used BackerKit

The team used BackerKit surveys to gather backer information and collect on missing shipping fees. They didn’t need to track address changes in a separate spreadsheet because backers could return to their BackerKit survey to update their shipping addresses and any other survey answers themselves.

Having all of the backer orders in the BackerKit platform was especially useful when it came time to take care of the backers that were promised t-shirts or access to discount items. BackerKit helped create special pledge levels for these backers and added credit for t-shirts and exclusive access to discount items to make sure that all backers were handled correctly.

The team took advantage of two BackerKit features that we built for Indiegogo projects. Soundbrenner had several backers with multiple pledges to cover additional shipping fees or to pay for additional Pulse units. They were able to collapse those pledges into a single order for each backer to make orders more manageable. The team had also shifted the campaign over to InDemand after their Indiegogo campaign ended and they used our InDemand import feature to import new InDemand backers into their BackerKit project and send out surveys automatically.

Simmendinger was also pleased with how well add-ons sold through BackerKit: “We expected to make a few sales via add-ons. Surprisingly, we made multiple times more revenue via BackerKit than we actually paid to use the platform. This is one the reasons why I recommend every campaign creator to use BackerKit.”

The Creator Journey

The Soundbrenner team successfully shipped out all of their campaign orders just nine months after the campaign ended. The company has raised $500,000 in seed funding and they are making progress towards retail distribution.

“We had some pretty complicated cases and what’s great was that the software had enough customization and power to handle these cases too. The team behind BackerKit was ready to help us fight through those issues.”

“BackerKit is a platform that will solve the most painful parts of campaign fulfillment at very little cost. I am very happy to have made the decision to use it!”

Soundbrenner is setting the example for hardware startups that are using crowdfunding to validate a product. BackerKit helped Soundbrenner automate order management and backer administration tasks so that they could concentrate on building and shipping the most-advanced wearable metronome to their backers.

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