Success Stories

How Mantic Games avoided fulfillment delays.

High-quality tabletop games featuring detailed miniatures.

For nearly a decade UK-based Mantic Games have delivered over 15 games featuring original properties such as Kings of War and Deadzone as well as licensed games including The Walking Dead: All Out War and Hellboy: The Board Game. To date, backers have pledged over $5,000,000 making Mantic Games one of Europe’s most funded companies on Kickstarter.

  • 5 campaigns used BackerKit
  • $3.4M raised in past 5 campaigns
  • 25,036 BackerKit surveys sent
  • 61% purchased BackerKit add-ons

Expecting the unexpected.

Mantic Games has collaborated with BackerKit for years successfully fulfilling several projects. No matter how many projects a team has undertaken, unexpected challenges will still arise. For Hellboy: The Board Game, Mantic Games partnered with Dark Horse Comics to provide nearly 12,000 backers a digital copy of a Hellboy graphic novel including a $20 voucher to use at Dark Horse Digital. Using BackerKit’s digital distribution tool, backers easily accessed their digital rewards straight from their survey.

“Without Backerkit we simply wouldn’t have been able to do this. But it was just a case of uploading the codes as a text file and away we went. I actually couldn’t quite believe how easy it was! From a back-end point of view, being able to see and download all the data is great, plus it’s a breeze to change/amend pledges.”

A smooth and accurate checkout experience.

Having an accurate product count attached to every order is extremely useful and helps ensure a smooth fulfillment process. BackerKit helped Mantic games organize both their physical and digital items in order to get accurate counts in advance. And allowing backers to update their address and payment information as needed saved countless hours swimming in spreadsheets.

“It sounds silly but in previous campaigns each backer has had to email us direct to change their address. Being able to do it via BackerKit has been a huge benefit and has saved us a lot of time.”

Mantic Games has a great reputation for repeatedly delivering high-quality games to their community. Collaborating with BackerKit ensures their backers get the best fulfillment experience possible.

“If you want a hassle free pledge manager so you can concentrate on the tricky things – like getting a product out the door – then BackerKit is absolutely that solution. It’s easy to use for creators and backers and solves problems that you didn’t even realize you had.”

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