Horror Classics by Georges Bess: DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN

Horror Classics by Georges Bess: DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN

Pledge Manager ready -- Smoke Test surveys have been sent! Edit
5 days ago
by Magnetic Press LLC
Hello, everyone!

We hope you're having a great week so far. Just a quick note to let you know that the Pledge Manager is now complete and we have initiated the "Smoke Test" -- that is the pre-launch process wherein Backerkit will send surveys to a random 5% of the project Backers so that we can address any questions or issues that need to be fixed before sending out all 1500 surveys (and potentially getting slammed with messages if something isn't wired correctly...)

If you are one of that lucky 5%, PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR SURVEY RIGHT AWAY! That will help us get the system through the evaluation process faster so that the rest of the Backers can join in. Backerkit suggests waiting about 24 hours or until 75% of that smoke test audience responds before sending out the rest, so assuming everything works as expected, the rest of the surveys should be able to go out on Friday. We'll let you know if anything does come up that could cause a delay. 😊

In the meantime, we've been working with the printer on getting the book files and slipcase design ready for manufacturing. The books have passed preflight, and we just provided the "final" slipcase files for their review. We decided to add a new feature (well, new for us) to this slipcase design: printed liner sheets! That refers to the paper lining the inside of the slipcase box. We've produced slipcases with a single color liner sheet in the past, but we wanted to try printing an image on the inside liner this time specifically because of the die-cut hole in the side.  This way, when the books are removed, there's something interesting to see through the coffin-shaped "window" on the opposite inside surface. 🧐  We're always looking to try new and interesting things (thinking "outside the box," sorry/not sorry for the pun...)

Barring any unexpected delays, we're told the books and boxed sets should be finished printing by mid-July, then put on a boat that should hopefully reach our warehouse in the mid-west by the end of August. That should then make shipping orders in September a pretty safe estimation.  Of course, things can (and often do) happen -- both good and bad -- but we'll keep you posted along the way. We'd love to be able to post an update that things are moving faster than expected and shipping will begin even sooner! 😆 

Thanks again for your support, everyone! More news to come!

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