This is the first post in a series of introductions, in which I excitedly gush about our handpicked team of talented writers and illustrators! So, first…

Kieron Gillen

Kieron and I met when he interviewed me for an issue of DIE, his angsty (positive connotation) meta-TTRPG comic about players trapped in their own co-created fantasy world. DIE has been a big hit with TTRPG players, but I was already compelled by his earlier The Wicked + The Divine, about gods incarnated as pop music stars. Kieron has also written for some pretty famous characters (Thor, Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Darth Vader(!)) so you can imagine I was a little starstruck when it turned out he (and his lovely wife!) had played and loved Star Crossed! 

I was hoping Kieron would bring some big super feelings to his pairing, and oh wow did he ever. Imagine a young mutant rebel and the robot built only to hunt and destroy them: A Love Most Uncanny.

Mye Bi

I had to pick someone to bring their artistic vision to this superpowered drama, and I gotta admit, it was fanart that got me. Mye Bi had been drawing some adorable Links, sexy Ganondorfs, and one of the cutest versions I’ve ever seen of my current fav ship, Hubert and Ferdinand from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 

I actually looked at a lot of shipping fan art (more than I would in a normal day) when researching for Love Letters, because I wanted illustrators who could convey a complicated relationship in a single image. Mye nailed it - and turned out to be a delight to work with, too! Look at this!!!!

Thank you all for your support - the campaign is going wonderfully so far and I look forward to sharing more about our fabulous team. 

You can follow Kieron’s work here and Mye’s here!






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