Chandler Copenhaver
2 months ago

Project Update: 7. Overcoming MORE Challenges - but now back and moving, with manufacturing underway 🛠️

Greetings Adventures.

I know my lack of response has left some wondering and has been frustrating.
We had some severe health concerns in my family that took rapt attention which has proven to be quite a hardship and challenge for me and my family.

Despite these many setbacks - things are getting more stable and we're coming through it now.
I wanted to pop in and give an update and some good news. In the past few weeks, I've been able to get things back on track and files have been submitted along with the deposit, to the new and more trusted manufacturer, and things are looking good.

I should soon know a firm timeline of what to expect to get the pins finalized and on their way once I get the report back from the manufacturer. There is an expected annual delay for the Chinese New Year - so they will be back in touch with me soon.

Also, as a side note, all backer surveys have been completed and tallied - so we are set there. I will be doing a last call for shipping address changes, if any, via that survey tool, in the weeks before I begin the shipping process. We are still probably around 4-6 weeks away in my current guesstimate, pending the time it takes to complete manufacturing and shipping - but it is at last moving.

Thanks again for your patience and confidence.

⚔️ Standing strong, undeterred by challenges, we rise.




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