Chandler Copenhaver
about 1 year ago

Project Update: 3. The Vote continues! What item should Hangry Bread wield? (Butcher Block pin)

Hello Traveler! It is I, Favio the Merchant.
It's been more than a week since this journey began, and I am shocked and grateful for the small army of more than 100 adventurers who've completed their side quest! We are now past 350% of our goal! Thank you all again!

Alas, if only we had MORE adventurers to help us venture deep into the dungeon and extract even more talismans. Then will the land become free again from the great famine. If you would please [breaks the 4th wall]  take this link here and share it with your friends on social media, so we can attract other travelers who might also be interested in accepting our quest. Only 2 weeks remain, so please do not delay.
THE VOTE....continues
Well, as you can see here, in the campaign page's now updated "the Vote" chapter, the Sage has figured out a way to KEEP both of the talisman designs! However, in the process, it looks like you need to help re-equipt both of the Hangry Bread, with an item. This means there will be a new vote opening today for the Butcher Block and, later on, another vote for the Retro PC. The vote will be for the exact same 8 items each time -- we're just doing the vote on separate days so as not to get things mixed up.
[stops breaking the 4th wall]

Well, thank you again, brave adventurer!
Please go now and help us vote to decide what item will be on the final talisman. You can access the vote here, as well.

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