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Project Update: 4. The Butcher Block vote is completed! Battle Axe Wins!

Hello Traveler!

This has been a great, successful quest thus far. We are down the final week, and then my clan and I must pack up and start off to our next destination. More than 130 brave travelers have completed the quest so far, and we have more than 257 talismans [enamel pins] claimed from the depths of the dungeon. There is still time for more heroes to complete the quest, so be sure to share with other of your companions also, if you are interested in being a true "certified" completionist, don't forget you can still gather all three talismans by going here:

In other important news -- the Vote for the Status: Hangry, Butcher Block edition talisman's equipped item is now FINAL! 

It was a close match, with the Shotgun and Broadsword + Hot Mug as runner-ups. Pretty great to see so many adventurers vote, and every item had at least one vote! The voices of the majority have decided, and Hangry Bread will wield a BATTLE AXE on the Butcher Block talisman!  [results below]

NOW, we need to do one more vote to help equip the Status: Hangry; Retro PC Edition talisman! There will be another update in the morning tomorrow, so look for that and make your vote!

Until then, join us at our camp and get some rest, adventurer.


- - - - - - *fire crackles* - - - - - - - - -

[While Resting...the merchant turns to you]

I am glad you joined us here by the fire. I have a story to tell you.
I've heard of another side-quest, deep in the mountain range beyond this valley where hordes of terrible monsters and even massive dragons live...only they seem to have been frozen in time, in capsules of ice-like material ~ some sort of mystical material, the Sage calls Accrilik or something like that.
This quest has attracted more than 1,300 brave adventures so far, and I highly recommend that you next head over to see the great Mystic Darryl, whose RPG Essentials quest needs your support!

Have a good rest, traveler.

[Please go and check out my good friend Darryl's campaign RPG ESSENTIALS: Acrylic Creature Tokens for TTRPGs! I'm suuper stoked to get my set ~  Click on either image and go check it out! ]




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