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I'd Rather Be An NPC

I'd Rather Be An NPC

Celebrate the experience of side-questing in video games and imagine what it would be like to leave all the Heroic responsibility behind to become an NPC (Non-Player Character).
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Pintopia 2023

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NPC = Non Player Character, BTW

The Journey Begins


Enter The Dungeon

Killed? By what?? No one said anything about this being dangerous.

The Talismans (Pins) Upclose

As you enter the dungeon, you see ancient glyphs on the wall, with further details of the talismans.

As you stand studying the glyphs, you hear a familiar voice enter your mind by some magical means.
It's the Sage, back to give his "helpful" advice or wisdom or something.

The Sage


The Vote!

Ok Sage, that's some fancy magic.


aaaaaaannnd it was a TIE (well, it was at the time voting closed). You are still welcome to place your vote anytime in Update #2, but the Sage came up with a plan for what we can do from here.


Pledge Levels


Make your pledge!

After looking over the entire dungeon, determining each of the pledge level options, studying all of the details, (and, of course leaving absolutely no trace of the mini map's "fog of war"), you circle back here, double-check your scroll, and step forward to make your pledge.

Now is the time!
🎶 Toss a coin to your, uhhh to the Campaign 🎶

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Timeline & Expectations

Even before the pandemic, shipping and manufacturing products can be very unpredictable. The timeline is the best calculation of things going smoothly, with some buffer times.
All estimated dates are subject to change. I will keep you updated along the way!

About the Creator

While not a practiced artist since early college, I was excited about the creative challenge to join Pintopia! Digging into my love of nostalgia, retro video games, and nerd culture - what's more fun than poking fun at video games.

I have been working as a Sr Account Manager for BackerKit for the past 2 years, and have worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs to launch crowdfunding campaigns and grow their businesses since 2015.

I live in Utah with my beautiful wife (who is also running an awesome pintopia campaign, check it out here) with our 3 wonderful kids.

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