Dinosaurs return in the first major expansion pack to Railbreak, and they're bringing along VR support in Railbreak VR!
Railbreak VR & Tailbreak - On-Rails Arcade Shooter

Railbreak VR & Tailbreak - On-Rails Arcade Shooter

Since Railbreak released, our fans have been asking for two things: full virtual reality support and the dinosaurs to return. So let's make both those dreams happen in Railbreak VR & Tailbreak!
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PSVR2 Support Funded! Next up is Dev Commentary & More Tailbreak Story Content!


Dinosaurs have returned, and somehow they brought VR with them!

Let's get virtual!
It's Saturday night in Cypress Ridge which means the city is in ruins, hordes of flesh eating undead are on the prowl, and you have the arcade all to yourself! Grab your light gun and your... VR headset!? Wait wait.. are those dinosaurs!?

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Railbreak evolves in terrifying new ways!

We'll be quick and to the point. We're here to deliver two things in the world of Railbreak due to popular demand from our fanbase:

  • Railbreak VR - Native implementation of virtual reality gameplay to the entire Railbreak experience, including support for the Tailbreak expansion pack!
  • Tailbreak Expansion Pack - A dino-filled story expansion pack to Railbreak and Railbreak VR featuring the return of dinosaurs from our recent survival horror hit, Dinobreak!
An image is worth a thousand words, this one is easily about ten thousand.


This all sounds great... but what's Railbreak?!

Railbreak originally released in December 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. It rocketed to the top of new games on Xbox store and quickly became the most successful launch ever for Dead Drop Studios. We're overjoyed with the response from old school players and n00bs alike!

Railbreak features a diverse and varied cast with their own abilities, loadouts, and backstories.

Railbreak was designed to look and play like a '90s arcade game mixed with bleeding edge Unreal Engine 5 visuals. Using your Sinden Lightgun, gamepad, keyboard, or mouse, you take on hordes of the undead (and their special infected boss partners) as Lydia and Hank battle their way out of Cypress Ridge. Since it's an arcade game, things quickly get crazy as you experience gameplay modifying "glitches" that keep the gameplay fresh and force you to stay on your toes.

Intense "glitched" boss fights will push you to your limit across the entire arcade experience!

Railbreak features a fully voiced Story Mode starring Lydia and Hank, Two unfortunate souls stuck smack dab in the zombie apocalypse from hell, as well as a bevy of additional game modes like Score Attack, the endless Onslaught, the unpredictable rogue-like semi-procedurally generated Glitch Gauntlet, Boss Rush, and our unique solution to playable credits - the Shoutout Shootout. It's available right now if you want to get blasting, and we think it'd make an awesome VR experience!

Glowing weapons, laser lightshows, and funky music is the DNA of Railbreak!

Oh, one more thing. We just released the first major content update for Railbreak TODAY alongside the campaign. Railbreak just got bigger with a brand new New Game Plus mode that changes the entire game called Time Korrisis (get it?!), a brand new character with all new projectile laser weapons, and tons more! It's available right now on all platforms so check out the trailer below!


Railbreak VR - It's like living in Cypress Ridge!

It's an extremely modern '90s arcade, okay!?

The other thing we hear about every minute? Bring Railbreak to VR on the latest and greatest headsets and platforms. And we're going to do just that if our campaign is successful!

Did you really think the eggs from Dinobreak wouldn't come back?

Railbreak VR is a brand new expansion of the original Railbreak game to support virtual reality headsets, featuring the entire base game, all content since release, and the Tailbreak Expansion Pack! Railbreak pays homage to the '90s arcade thrills like House of the Dead and Time Crisis while bringing in ridiculous new gameplay modifiers, an outrageous story, and the cutting edge visuals of Unreal Engine 5. And now we want to take it to the next level with your support to make it a first class fully native virtual reality experience on PSVR2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest 3 (if we hit those stretch goals!).

TAILBREAK - Dinosaurs Return in a major expansion pack for Railbreak and Railbreak VR!

I can't even begin to guess at the cost of insurance in Cypress Ridge at this point...

Since the release of Dead Drop Studios' DINOBREAK,  Fans have asked us one thing: When are to dinosaurs coming back!? We like nothing more than the dinos to invade Unreal Engine 5 so help us make it happen! 
If our campaign is successful, we're going to deliver a major expansion pack THIS YEAR for both Railbreak and Railbreak VR to bring the dinos back! Featuring a new non-canon story mode, additional game modes, and all your favorite dinos from DINOBREAK brought to beautiful next-gen life across the existing game modes. But don't worry, we'll still let you pick just zombies if you feel the need to slaughter the undead!

An expanded cast from Railbreak returns in Tailbreak!

What VR features can we expect in Railbreak VR?

I just had the greatest idea for a minigame...

Our goal with Railbreak VR is to provide the entire Railbreak base game, as well as expanded game content, with compatibility to be played fully within a VR headset using the latest controllers and gameplay mechanics. Our initial target is to support SteamVR, with stretch goals to add PSVR2 support, and Meta Quest 3 support too!

Yeah, the Mayor Zarina statue in the city center is never getting finished.

But what do we mean when we say fully playable in VR? We mean we're going to tailor the major game mechanics to look and feel great in virtual reality. Aiming down your sights to fire your weapons, reloading by ejecting magazines and slamming them in, or pumping the shotgun barrel, switch weapons dynamically by putting them on you, pulling out a grenade and lobbing it at the undead, and making sure all the UI and menus work great in VR! And if we hit our dual wielding stretch goal, we're going to let you really get intense with the undead with two guns at once!

I don't think barricades work on the T-Rex!

We're also going to strive to provide great gameplay for both standing and sitting VR. In standing VR, you'll be able to step and move around to try to maneuver into a better position to battle the undead, and in all views look around in a full 360 degrees. We want to make the outrageous world of Railbreak as immersive as possible while pushing the latest bells and whistles in UE5!

What's the funding goals?

Right to the point. Dinos for everyone. VR. And heck, I'm sure some zombies will come along too!

Core Reward Tiers for Railbreak VR & Tailbreak

All digital. All delivered this year.

We're not asking you to wait. Your copy of Railbreak VR and Tailbreak will be ready in October 2024. All other digital rewards will be delivered in April 2024!
  • $15 - Digital code for the Tailbreak Expansion Pack for Railbreak.
  • $30 - Digital code for Railbreak VR, and the Tailbreak Expansion Pack for Railbreak and Railbreak VR.
  • $65 - Digital code for Railbreak, Railbreak VR, and the Tailbreak Expansion Pack for Railbreak and Railbreak VR. You'll also get exclusive VR game content for Railbreak VR and the private Kickstarter Railbreak Special Demo that was only available to backers of the Outbreak: Shades of Horror Kickstarter!

Looking for a Non-VR tier with everything included? Well check out our Crisis of Dinos tier!

Railbreak and Tailbreak - get playing now and then get Tailbreakin' in Oct 2024!

Premium and Limited Reward Tiers

Maximum Carnage Franchise Bundle (Includes Big T-Rex Collection tier) (Limit 15)

Everything in the Big T-Rex Collection plus our physical series and trading cards!

This tier includes everything in the Big T-Rex Collection tier. Experience the history of Dead Drop Studios through our physical releases from Limited Run Games. Many of these titles are now out of print and hard to find, so this is a steal! The MSRP for all of these titles together is nearly $280 (even before considering the trading cards) so this is one of the best deals you'll ever find. All items in this order are signed by the developers. (Psst... you can also grab multiples of this collection as an add-on!)

This add on includes the following ALL SIGNED by the developers:
- Gold Limited Run Trading Card from the Outbreak series
- Silver Limited Run Trading Card from the Outbreak series
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - PS5
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - PS4
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - Switch - Limited Run Games Cover Variant
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - Switch - Amazon Cover Variant
- Outbreak Collection Part 1 - Switch - Limited Run Games Cover Variant
- Outbreak Collection Part 1 - Switch - Amazon Cover Variant
- Outbreak Collection Part 2

Shipping is $10 in the United States. $15 outside of the United States. Physical titles will ship to you in April 2024. Trading cards may have different artwork than what is pictured.

Pre-order the Limited Edition Railbreak Sinden Lightgun! (Includes Big T-Rex Collection tier!)

The perfect arcade pick for the greatest arcade hero!

Sinden Lightgun and Dead Drop Studios have teamed up to build an officially licensed Railbreak Limited Edition Sinden Lightgun! This lightgun will feature special art from Railbreak on the gun. When they are produced, they will be a VERY SMALL batch, so this is your chance to ensure you have one reserved.

This tier includes
- Everything from the Big T-Rex Collection
- One Railbreak Limited Edition Sinden Lightguns with Rumble/Vibration
- Your option to have them signed by the dev team - which is only offered through this campaign.
- All 9 games in the Dead Drop Studios Franchise on Steam including Railbreak and Dinobreak.

We're only offering signed versions of this gun through this BackerKit Crowdfunding campaign. The Sinden Lightgun is fully compatible with Railbreak and Tailbreak.

We expect these lightguns to be produced later in 2024. This will ensure you have one lightgun reserved.

Shipping is $25 in the US, $40 outside of the US. Please be aware the art and design of the lightgun is not finalized yet, which is why it is not shown in this listing. When you purchase this tier, you will be sent a preview of the art when it is available later in 2024. Please be aware that we do not have a firm shipping date for these lightguns, but the goal is to ship them to you in 2024. We will keep you posted with updates.

Arcade Legend (Includes Maximum Carnage Franchise Bundle Tier) (Limit 4)

You're not ready to face off against the undead, and the dinosaurs, without a SIGNED Sinden Lightgun!

This tier includes everything in the Maximum Carnage Franchise Bundle. Upgrade to the Arcade Legend tier and get EVERYTHING in the Maximum Carnage Franchise Bundle as well as a DEV SIGNED Sinden Lightgun with Rumble support so you can show the arcade who's boss! An incredible deal that is only available in a small limited amount for BackerKit exclusively. Grab them before they're gone!

Shipping is $20 in the United States, $35 outside of the United States. Lightgun and physical games ship in April 2024. Some digital games ship in April 2024, see the earlier tiers for details.

Sponsor Dead Drop Studios at PAX East 2024!

Just imagine our table in this image, bursting with arcade goodness!

As small indie devs, it's incredibly difficult for us to get out to cons and feature our games. This is your chance to help us make the dream happen! When you buy this tier, it will allow us to afford a table as PAX East 2024 so we can show off the latest and greatest titles like Railbreak!

This tier includes:
  • One of our extra passes if you'd like to attend with us as an honored guest! (Please note we can only provide a pass, and not any lodging or travel, you'll have to get there on your own!) ;)
  • The Big T-Rex Collection
  • The Maximum Carnage Franchise Bundle
  • 30x digital copies of Railbreak on your platform of choice.
  • Your name, or a name of your choice, prominently featured on our table and branding.
  • Lots of free digital and physical loot, some extremely rare and one of a kind laying around our office, signed and just for you!
  • Our eternal thanks for helping us show off our games and try to grow our series! <3

If for any reason logistics prevent us from securing a table at PAX East 2024, we will move to another conference this year.

What's the budget breakdown?

Evan's not getting any sleep this year.

Tailbreak, and Railbreak VR is mostly a technical project as we've already built the original Railbreak game mechanics and polished them well. The work that needs to happen is integrating new enemies, story beats, adapting the control scheme to utilize the VR headset and controllers, as well as create some unique native VR content for the Railbreak VR release (see the rewards). As such we're not aiming to be overly flashy here so we can keep the budget tight.

The budget breakdown is:
  • 60% of the budget is to fund engineering work to support dinosaurs and VR in Railbreak and port the titles to the various VR platforms.
  • 20% of the budget is for non-engineering work to create the Tailbreak Expansion Pack for both Railbreak and Railbreak VR, as well as design custom VR modes/content for Railbreak VR.
  • 10% of the budget is for testing and quality assurance.
  • 5% of the budget is for marketing and media support.
  • 5% of the budget for regular BackerKit fees.

Does this tie in to Outbreak: Shades of Horror?

Don't worry, you won't miss the outbreak.

Yup! Outbreak: Shades of Horror, our Unreal Engine 5 powered homage to retro survival horror greats like Resident Evil: Outbreak was fully funded in 8 days in September 2022 on Kickstarter!

We're pretty sure the only thing keeping the city going is Mayor Zarina at this point...

Railbreak originally was born from active development on that title as we worked on AI survivor teammates and productionizing UE5 for commercial games. Those backers received a special demo for Railbreak back in 2023, and our bigger backers even got free copies of the game! Railbreak ended up acting as a semi-prequel to Shades of Horror, introducing 8 members of the cast and starting to share some story beats, while allowing the player to blast away the undead in glorious next-gen fueled gunplay!

What's a Dead Drop Studios and who is running this thing!?

Hey, it's us!

Dead Drop Studios was formed in 2017 by married couple Julia and Evan Wolbach with the goal of reviving retro gaming experiences. Since then, we've released 9 games in our Outbreak, Dinobreak, and Railbreak series that have appeared on PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. Our latest titles, Dinobreak and Railbreak, have been our most successful to date, and that's why we're running this campaign to bring those worlds together and add the magic of VR on top! Our series has sold over 300,000 units world-wide and has been published physically by Limited Run Games on PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Julia is our COO and is the creative force behind our games.

Evan is our CEO and handles all of the engineering work for our games!

Thank you!

We love you!

We super appreciate you taking the time to check out our campaign. We're so thankful for all of the community support we've received over the years, and we're excited for all of these new chapters in the Outbreak universe! Keep on survivin'!

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