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3 months ago

Project Update: The Smoke Test is Live! (And so are late pledges)

Surveys and Smoke Test

The Backerkit Admins have approved the format of the pledge manager, so they set the project live and we're beginning the smoke test.

That means something like 50 surveys of 500+ will go out as a test. Their algorithm tries to pick out a spread of geography, pledge tier, with and without add-ons, etc. 

If you see something weird on the survey, please message me. Things like:

  • My add-ons didn't go through properly
  • I'm missing something that I feel should be included with my pledge (but read the pledge text thoroughly!)
  • I want to add on something and it's missing from the list
  • Everything broke! Help!

All of that is fair game. If there's something wrong, I'll do my best to fix it. At this point in the survey-building process - especially how it links up with the still-evolving Backerkit Crowdfunding - assume mistakes are accident or omission, not malice.

Late Pledges are Live!

This also means that the campaign is back open, and accepting late pledges.

At this point, you know what you're going to get. A full-color solo adventure converted to the DFRPG.

It'll look something like this:

Good ol' Thog, conceived as a vaguely 200-point half-ogre barbarian slathered in scale armor, will be redrawn by Juan Ochoa, the original artist, of course in color. The "Saethor's Hand Red" paragraph numbers will remain. The bright-red 043 paragraph number is that way because I need to also make up General Zond, Saethor's lieutenant. 

As per some requests in other forums, those characters for which I start in GURPS Character Assistant will have those proto-files included in the digital asset pack, along with the tokens, so that folks who want to do so can flesh them out or include them in other VTTs as you like. Fair warning: I'm not filling out a lot of the ancillary appearance and weight stuff. So "Thog" may well be a 5'1" redheaded nine-year-old if that's what the random appearance generator spits out. Hey, books, covers, don't judge. 

I think I have eight or nine more NPCs to generate, plus the Dark Legionary Generator, which makes about 15. Many of these will have unique art in the Quick-Reference file, even if the stats for Legionary #2 are the same as Legionary #3. 

But while I'm not staring at a final layout yet ... it's getting very close to "ready to fight-test" to make sure that our heroes can properly make it through the adventure. Moving between systems is like that.

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