A Dream & Goal Setting Workbook - all your goals and dreams in one place

A Dream & Goal Setting Workbook - all your goals and dreams in one place

A dream & goal setting workbook for adults and teenagers focused on removing blockages and becoming a magnet for their dream life. All your dreams, goals & WINS in one portable, compact book!
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Our Goal

Every dollar raised for our Dream Capsule campaign goes directly towards setting up the business of Dream Capsule and ensuring its success. Your support will help cover crucial expenses such as binding, publishing, shipping, and handling. 

Additionally, I understand that unforeseen challenges may arise along the way, which is why I also need extra funds to handle any emergencies that may occur. Your contribution ensures that I can establish the foundation of Dream Capsule, navigate obstacles, and make a positive impact on countless lives. Thank you for joining me on this journey!



Wanna get right to it? Click the Skip to a story section & click "What's in this book"

Hello, everyone! I'm Manassaline, and I'm so excited to share with you the transformative power of the Dream Capsule—a tool that has profoundly impacted my journey and helped me align with my deepest desires.

Whether you're seeking a new path or deeply connected to the deliciousness of your current life's journey, the Dream Capsule is for you. For those longing for a life that feels authentic and satisfying, this sacred space holds the key to unlocking your wildest dreams.

Drawing from my own journey as a Liberian refugee who dared to pursue her dreams against all odds, I understand the importance of having a space to hold your dreams, goals, and desires. It's a journey of self-discovery and manifestation that the Dream Capsule is here to guide you through.

This isn't just another ordinary book—it's a sanctuary for dreamers from all walks of life.

Through the repetition of engaging with the Dream Capsule, I've experienced first hand the incredible power of brain neuroplasticity. Each glance at my Dream Capsule strengthens my connection to my dreams and propels me towards their realization.

Now, I invite you to join me on this journey of transformation. Let the Dream Capsule be your companion as you navigate the path toward your wildest dreams. 

Together, let's take our dreams from possible to inevitable, rewiring our minds to effortlessly attract the reality we desire. Thank you!

P.S. As a Visual Communication designer I have poured my heart into the design and flow of the book. I want you to have more than enough space to put YOUR LIFE in this book. I want you to have fun and DREAM without LIMITATIONS. 

I love using it daily and I can't wait for you to have your own!

- Manassaline


The Dream Capsule

This is for you if:

1. You are not happy with the path you are on and would like to live a life that feels good to you. One that fulfills you.

2. You feel deeply connected to your life's path and all the deliciousness it brings. You want a special space to hold your dreams, goals, and desires while you make them come true.

This ain't no ordinary book.

Welcome! The Dream Capsule is a unique manifestation book with a 3-step approach that guides you through the intricate process of manifestation and turning your dreams and goals into a tangible reality. The Dream Capsule utilizes a process called Dream Believe Receive(DBR) 

To put it simply, we are leveraging the laws of ask and receive.

Taking your dreams from possible to inevitable!

Affirm: Write down your Dreams for each aspect of your life.

Visualize: Compile a bunch of images that help visualize your Dreams goals and desires. 

Script: Script a story that immerses your feelings and senses in that reality. 

Create dream boards in your Dream Capsule to help you visualize your highest possible good every day!  

As your dreams materialize, you can put them back in your Dream Capsule. It becomes a place to store your accomplishments, your "WINS," and to remind yourself of the beautiful experiences you've had. It serves as a reminder of the power you always hold to create and manifest your dream life.

I need to say this!

Manifesting isn't just about achieving goals; it's about creating a life of your highest possible good. Your only task is to identify your desires and choose a path that aligns with your dreams. 

With your Dream Capsule by your side, you will always have a reminder of your highest possible good. Even when things get tough, your Dream Capsule guides you back to the dreams that bring joy to your heart space.

You don’t have to wait to experience the life of your dreams. Become a magnet for all your dreams, goals, and desires with Dream Capsule.

Dream Capsule gives you prompts to immerse yourself in your dreams every day as if you are already experiencing them!

The Dream Capsule revolutionizes image based manifestation.

Above is a vision board & The Dream Capsule comparison

Wouldn't you agree now that this revolutionizes how we visualize our dreams, goals, and desires? 


What's in the book?

Through a variety of activities, you'll discover the power of manifestation and the joy of living in alignment with your deepest desires.

Commitment to Self:

Commit to embracing abundance, joy, and fulfillment in every aspect of your existence. 

Eight Key Themes:
Write down everything you desire! Divide your life into key themes and infuse them with the magic of your dreams through affirmation, visualization, and scripting.

Affirm, Visualize, Script:
Affirm your dreams into existence, visualize with resonant images, and script your experiences in vivid detail to help change your reality.

Dream (vision) boards :
Create dream boards with images reflecting your dreams to accelerate the manifestation process and remind you of the reality that awaits.

Immerse Yourself:
Engage your senses and bring your dreams to life by detailing the places you long to visit, from foods to people, on the "story scripting" page.

Daily Reflection:
Use the Dream Capsule as a daily companion to reinforce your commitment to manifestation and reflect on your progress.

Safe Space:
View the Dream Capsule as a sacred vessel holding your deepest desires, granting permission for them to enter your life and inspiring healing and transformation.

Embark on this journey of self-discovery and manifestation with commitment and unwavering belief. Dream boldly, live fearlessly, and watch as your wildest dreams become reality.

AND LOTS AND LOTS of pages for you to DREAM and DREAM BIG! 

Your present self and the inner dreamer in you will love this book. 


Which Dreamer are you?

Different use cases for The Dream Capsule.

  1. You want to CENTRALIZE your dreams, goals and desires scattered across different platforms and mediums. Whether it's notes on your phone, entries in journals, or saved content on social media, the Dream Capsule offers a singular space to anchor and nurture your dreams.

  2. You are seeking to PRESERVE DREAMS and experiences, use the Dream Capsule as an archival tool for your dreams, goals, desires & wins!

  3. You are PASSIONATE about life and seeking adventures that you want to EXPERIENCE.

  4. You focused on setting and achieving personal and professional GOALS, seeking tools for visualization and GROWTH and manifestation.

  5. You are fueled by IMAGINATION and seeking inspiration and clarity for your artistic pursuits.

  6. You are on a self-discovery and growth journey, utilize tools like the Dream Capsule to manifest the reality of your HIGHEST GOOD.

  7. You are a believer in manifestation, prayer, and intention setting, using the Dream Capsule for SPIRITUAL GROWTH and MINDFULNESS.

  8. You are presenting the Dream Capsule as a meaningful GIFT to inspire loved ones to pursue your DREAMS.

  9. Inspirer: You are instilling a POWER of DREAMING and goal-setting within your family, The Dream Capsule is your relic to inspire THE YOUTH.


Your Contribution

We can do this together!

I am currently raising funds to self-publish this life-changing Manifestation  Dream book, which will consist of approximately 180 pages. You'll find guidance and ample space to explore your dreams, goals, and desires.

Your support means everything. Every dollar contributed to this campaign goes directly into ensuring the Dream Capsule reaches you in the best possible way. From meticulous binding and publishing to seamless shipping and handling, your contribution ensures every detail is taken care of.

This is not just you supporting a crowdfunding campaign. It is also giving your dreams a space to nurture.

Remember, the Dream Capsule in this picture is a prototype. With your help, we'll create a Dream Capsule that can be passed down through generations, preserving dreams beyond lifetimes. Thank you for being part of the Dream Capsule movement! #Dreamers



I BELIEVE IN THIS MISSION is a "pay what you want" pledge tier when you select it you will be able to add the amount you desire to give. Thank you so much for your generous giving. 


My wildest Dreams (STRETCH GOALS) coming soon!

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