Realms of Kymoria A Therapeutic TTRPG Quickstart Kit for 5e

Realms of Kymoria A Therapeutic TTRPG Quickstart Kit for 5e

This game is meticulously designed to accommodate both seasoned Game Masters, those new to the role, and new and experienced players effectively dismantling traditional barriers that might deter newcomers from taking the helm of their own adventures.
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One Quick Start Guide and One Adventure Module (200+ pages)

• Three quad-folded battle map boards that are printed double-sided

    o Limping Pony Inn

    o Bristleburn Docks

    o Forest

    o Ruins

    o Bristleburn Garrison & Courthouse

    o Farm & Storage Barn

• Trifold Game Master Screen

• Three sheets of pawns

    o 84 pawns total

• One set of pawn bases

    o 19 bases total (3 Large, 10 Medium, 6 Small)

• One full set of RPG dice

    o 7 dice ( Not shown )

• One set of safety cards

    o Enough for 4 players (5 different cards each, a total of 20)


We are funding the printing of The Realms of Kymoria Therapeutic Quickstart Kit for 5e!

Quickstart Kit

The product is complete and was fully front loaded at the time inception. We wanted to come to the community with a fully playable product that was play tested and ready to print the moment we funded.

Because the product is complete, everything you see below will be included in the 10.5 pound box. The unboxing video is an accurate representation of size, product presentation, and contents. 

The items in the kit that will have slight changes to them is the dungeon master screen- the art is being replaced by a pano illustration of the Limping Pony which can be seen in our Accessibility video above. The cover of the book will be changing too. After play tests by teachers and therapist, we were asked if we could provide a spiral bound book to help free up table space for cramped play areas. When you receive your kit, the book will be metal spiral bound rather than traditional soft cover bound. 

An accessible TTRPG module for neurodivergent individuals prioritizes clear communication with plain language and content warnings. It incorporates neurodiverse-friendly design elements such as dyslexia-approved fonts and considerate color schemes. 

The module ensures a sensory-friendly experience by minimizing overwhelming stimuli with heavy black and white writing and provides flexible color coded options for easy to digest stories. 

Structured gameplay with scripted elements and clear prompts caters to those who benefit from predictability. Inclusive characters and storylines celebrate diversity, avoiding harmful stereotypes. 

Customizable difficulty levels accommodate varying skill levels, and safety tools like our color coded graphic and worded safety card deck for each player promote a supportive gaming environment. 

Encouraging a Session 0 for open communication and fostering a community with shared experiences further enhances the module's accessibility.

Realms of Kymoria, a groundbreaking TTRPG, is uniquely designed with a neurodiverse-friendly approach. Crafted by two neurodivergent creators, the Therapeutic Quickstart Kit pioneers the first-ever TTRPG tailored for neurodivergent individuals and gamers with dyslexia, ensuring a fully immersive experience in dungeon mastering and role-playing within the 5e system.

By eliminating traditional hurdles, Realms of Kymoria provides a rich storytelling tapestry and interactive adventures, allowing players to engage without the usual challenges of decoding implicit cues. 

This module transforms the role-play landscape into an inclusive haven, where every player can actively contribute to a shared narrative, fostering a community that celebrates individual creativity and storytelling prowess at the tabletop.


Ensuring accessibility for dyslexic readers in TTRPGs was crucial for Realms of Kymoria. We aim to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the gaming community for all role players regardless of abilities. 

For role players with dyslexia, the inability to easily read traditional published TTRPG modules can be a deeply isolating experience, creating emotional barriers to participation. By incorporating dyslexia-approved fonts, thoughtful color schemes, and clear communication, accessible TTRPG modules empower dyslexic individuals to immerse themselves fully in the captivating worlds of role-playing games. 

It goes beyond mere convenience; it becomes a statement that everyone, regardless of their reading abilities, deserves a chance to be a Dungeon Master or a player without the hindrance of inaccessible materials. This emphasis on accessibility not only democratizes the joy of gaming but also sends a powerful message of acceptance and understanding, reinforcing that the magic of TTRPGs is truly for everyone.

Preview of Actual Play Page 40 and Fonts

The Quickstart Kit is crafted in a dyslexia-approved font, using carefully chosen colors and paper combinations to enhance readability for individuals with dyslexia or colorblindness. Play testers and readers have described opening the Realms of Kymoria Adventure Module and for the first time feeling like they belong because they can follow the story without having to double back and decipher what the letters are.


Crafting adventures and guides tailored for neurodivergent gamers in Realms of Kymoria was crucial and what started the foundation of this beautiful module.

By eliminating the need to read between the lines and enhancing story beats, the module enables neurodivergent players to fully engage without decoding hidden meanings. 

This approach not only streamlines the learning process but also empowers neurodivergent individuals to confidently embrace roles as Dungeon Master or player, contributing their creativity to the collaborative storytelling experience.

Preview of Actual Play Page 10 and Flix Tips

In ancient times, the Plane of Chaos clashed with the Deities, leading to the creation of 'Kymoria.' The Deities, weakening in their battle, transformed Kymoria into a sustainable habitat. Eight land masses and two regions, Sulphile Island and Teonalune, emerged. The Outer Elemental Planes prevailed, closing portals and ending the Chaos War.

Preview of Actual Play Page of Primordial Lore

After the war, the Primordials returned to their domains, leaving the Deities to handle Kymoria. A Great Divide arose among the Deities, leading to chaos-afflicted entities and monsters. The Aspects of Chaos infiltrated, splitting Teonalune. 'The Shepherds' formed a mystical barrier to restrict access to infused powers.

In the present day, the Freefolk Republic faces challenges in Kymoria. United in the Freefolk Republic, Teolune is controlled, and Nalune is divided. Kymoria's life is marked by unity, accountability, and the ongoing battle against chaos-affiliated forces. The Adventurer’s Guild ensures elemental energy flow, and the narrative unfolds on Sulphile Island, a resilient region facing constant threats from monsters, the Devout, and the Aspects of Chaos. The journey begins in Bristleburn, setting the stage for a thrilling adventure.

Included in the Adventure Module are specific therapeutic encounter callouts to aid you in identifying therapeutic opportunities. The story is written in a way to easily disguise and integrate these moments into play sessions for clients and peers alike. There are dozens of encounters throughout the module and each of these has example clinical notes from two different professionals in the appendix.

Teachers, Psychologist, and Gamers play tested the materials and on teacher said :

 “I would recommend this now to some of my friends that run DnD groups at other programs. With that being said I would describe it as a world to itself that needs to be explored both individually, with a group, and personally. No matter what your setting you and the people you are GMing for you will be taking something away from this. “

Preview of Actual Play Therapeutic Encounters Appendix


Are the Monsters Really Monsters?


The Society of Success is a progressive organization within the adventuring world, dedicated to inclusivity and support for individuals of diverse abilities. 

Through thorough interviews and tests, the Society mentors aspiring adventurers, offering academic training and practical spellcasting experiences. 

Notably, they provide personalized assistance, such as custom-designed prosthetics integrated with mystical runes for enhanced functionality and sensory feedback. The Society ensures comprehensive tutoring to enable mastery of various skills, fostering a path toward certification as a seasoned adventurer. 

Their commitment extends beyond traditional norms, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility, ultimately shaping a more diverse and supportive landscape within the fantasy realm. Communication between players and Game Masters remains crucial for respectful representation in the game world.

Comic Strip of Young Adventurers at the Society of Success Preview of Actual Play Page

The content of the kit is organized to be easy-reading and to also anticipate
and provide information in an easy and accessible manner. Not only is the content set
up for ease of use by the game master, but the players are accommodated as well,
with the premade player character sheets providing plenty of useful information to help them get started

Quotes from a Game Master during Play Test

“My time is valued and I love the convenience!”

Therapeutic GM: “1 hour to read the adventure. After reading, I tend to have a lengthy pre-campaign prep process - setting up spreadsheets and documents for easy character and session tracking. All that aside, though, pre-session prep (after session zero) would be less than an hour. The initial adventure is intuitive, and very easy to track and remember. Running the adventure as a therapeutic GM would have a slightly longer prep, but the TGM appendix at the end of the adventure was SUPER helpful for this, and definitely cuts down the prep time. ”


Therapy with TTRPGs operates as a structured therapeutic intervention with treatment plans, both group and individual goals, and a deliberate focus on addressing challenging and potentially triggering topics. 

Within the fantastical spaces of TTRPGs, mental health professionals guide clients through their struggles in a supportive environment. These sessions are distinct from casual gameplay, featuring intentional discussions, skill-building exercises, and tailored narratives to address therapeutic objectives. 

Treatment plans outline specific goals, whether individual or group-oriented, while the imaginary settings of TTRPGs offer a safe yet dynamic space to explore emotions and experiences. The collaborative nature of gameplay allows mental health professionals to provide guidance, fostering personal growth, resilience, and interpersonal skills within the imaginative realms of TTRPGs.
Therapeutic TTRPGs embody mindful approaches to everyday gaming, fostering inclusive spaces where friends, family, students, teachers, and facilitators come together to share immersive storytelling experiences. 

The therapeutic nature lies in the communal, cooperative aspect of gameplay, providing a platform for creativity, communication, and social connection. Unlike formal therapy, these sessions are explicitly not therapy but rather opportunities for shared exploration, problem-solving, and bonding.

Participants engage in collaborative narratives, building relationships and enhancing interpersonal skills in a supportive environment. By embracing the inherently therapeutic aspects of TTRPGs, these gatherings become a meaningful outlet for personal expression, stress relief, and the joy of shared adventures, contributing to positive well-being without the formality of a therapeutic setting.

Information in the Quick Start Guide and Adventure Module was written in a macro-to-micro approach with extra space and attention given to setting information that is relevant in the associated module. Additionally, both books are packed with insight and suggestions to explain and demonstrate examples of mindfulness in action. In addition, the formatting will help enable new game masters to be more confident and reduce their preparation time as they learn how to guide stories at their tables.

We provided everything we could think of for a new gamers first time playing, the therapist wanting to start using TTRPG's in treatment, and for teachers and forever DM's to open and play with little to no prep. Because of that, the traditional stretch goals in a project like this are already included, so we wanted to do something to keep the momentum and only focus on stretch goals that would add value to the product. Below are a few of our stretch goals however, we would love to hear from our backers on what items they would like to see included in stretches to help make the gaming experience even more enjoyable. 

4 sets of Planar Dice-1 for each pre-made character custom created for the kit! 
Free Barbtaur Plushie with every physical order!

Artist Bonus to all of our Artists who worked so hard on the beautiful illustration in the kit!
5 New Agonistic Therapeutic Oneshots
Custom Liquid Core Cosmic Dice!
Shipping costs for the Realms of Kymoria Therapeutic Quickstart kit are uncertain at this time, but we strive to minimize expenses and will continue working to get shipping costs as low as we can during the printing phase. The cost to ship international has risen exponentially over the last 18 month, and while it has leveled out recently, the cost is still pretty high.  

Due to increased shipping costs, we are going to wait as long as possible to charge shipping and tax on all products in order to provide our backers with the most up to date and accurate shipping costs. 

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