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Every Bug Is Fucked

Every Bug Is Fucked

Severed Books and Space Penguin Ink are teaming up for the first time on this fun soft enamel pin. It embraces something they both love, as people who have and do live in Florida... slaying bugs ;)
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The Pins

Severed Books and Space Penguin Ink have teamed up for the fist time on an enamel pin. This one embraces something Jarrett and Justin both love, as people who have lived or do live in Florida... slaying bugs ;) Really though, after about a year of being pals, it feels good to make something fun together on a subject they both geek out on.



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We have a professional fulfillment center who ships thousands of units a month for some large RPG, comic book, and game companies.

Our Team

Severed Books publishes fiction, games, accessories, and RPG modules. Since 2012, we've published a lot of fiction, had a project optioned for TV/film, expanded into tabletop gaming, and have run over 30 successful Kickstarter campaigns. We believe that RPGs are at their best when they are DIY - you can create the world you want. Creativity is freedom.

Collaborations include: Aaron Draplin (Draplin Design Company), The Dead Milkmen with Andrew Ervin, Head Lopper's Andrew MacLean, and meta horror legend Brian Evenson.


Space Penguin Ink says MEOW.


Ohhh ohhhhhh, we're halfway there

Design Pins - Done!
Prototype Pins - Done!
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