Ninja Town

Ninja Town

Ninja Town is a top-down action RPG that combines ninjas, adventure, farming, and town-building set in Ancient Japan.
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Ninja Town is set in ancient Japan where the ruler of Yomi (underworld), Izanami, has unleashed her minions into the living realm to take revenge against her former consort, Izanagi. Your ninja town is stuck in between their war, and it's your mission to rebuild and protect it.


Create your Ninja

Before you embark on your journey, you will need to decide how your ninja will look. Choose from a variety of costumes, faces, and hairstyles.

Town Building & Crafting

Each town will have a default layout but from there you need to collect resources and ninja scrolls to build up and decorate your town and house as you desire.

  • Crafting ninja scrolls are the main item in the game and is the blueprint for everything.
  • Build and place buildings and props to create your ideal ninja town.
  • Decorate your ninja house to make it as cozy or secretive as you want.
  • Craft or dismantle materials to use else where.

World of Ninja Town

Concept for the different locations.

You will start your journey in one of the four towns in the game

  • Each town will have its own unique geology, NPCs townsfolk, layout, objectives to achieve and hidden secrets.
  • Your adventure will take you across different biomes, such as Japanese villages, meadows, forests, marshlands, castles, dungeons and Yomi.

Farming & Friendship

Your townsfolk need to be fed, nobody likes hangry people, so be sure to grow or forage for produce to supply the town. You might even make some friends in the process.

  • Grow crops on your land or forage for them in the forest.
  • Raise farm animals as pet or produce.
  • Too much supplies? then sell them to your friendly or not-so-friendly neighbouring ninja towns.
  • Make good use of your ninjutsu (spells) abilities to make farming life easier. Water a bunch of crops with your water spells or take down an array of trees with your wind spell!
  • Make friends with your townsfolk by giving them food, doing missions for them or helping them with their daily chores will get you extra brownie points.

Combat & Dungeon

Your character will have the ability to equip a weapon of choice and a special ninjutsu ability.

  • Simple button mashing fun. Light attack, ninjutsu ability, block, jump, and ninja roll. 
  • Shuriken, Kunai, Katana, a foot and many other ninja tools at your disposal.
  • There will be a variety of Ninjutsu's the player can obtain during their run. Defensive ninjutsu's such as wall of mud or mighty push. Offensive ninjutsu's such as casting fireballs or lightning strike.
  • Roguelite elements such as boons (ninjutsus, buffs, curses).
  • Boss fights: Each boss will present different attack patterns to learn and challenges to overcome and conquer. The rewards will be worth the effort.

Beware of nighttime creatures

The creatures in Ninja Town will come in all shape and sizes and will come out when the sun sets.

  • There will be random events throughout the game where Izanami's minions will raid your town, so be prepared to protect it or it may lose some goods.
  • If you're the more adventurous type, then you can take your fight to the underworld where there will be more than 30 different enemies waiting for you.
  • The game will feature dynamic enemy behaviour based on their sight, hearing and sense of smell of the world. Being sneaky will have many benefits!


The game will initially support English and Japanese translation. 


The game is targeting Steam Early access (PC) release in Q1 2025.
With a full release in Q1 2026 for Steam (PC) and Sony PlayStation 4/5.

Stretch Goals

View the Community tag for more details.

  • Crowdfunded: Base game is funded! 
  • NPC Pawn: Create a NPC Pawn to assist with your farming or dungeon exploration.
  • Randomized Dungeons: Randomised layout will keep every dungeon run fresh and deadly.
  • Arcade Mode: A casual all-you-can-fight mode.

We're going to do things a little different here, so with the stretch goals, we will let the community vote on what they want to see first! Check here for the current poll.

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