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Baby Magic Mobile game + Enamel Pins add-ons

Baby Magic Mobile game + Enamel Pins add-ons

Our campaign focused on raising funds for Baby Magic, a soothing match-3 game offering a delightful and straightforward gameplay experience. Plus, there are over 30 unique enamel pins add-ons for you to discover.
of $8,000 (HKD) goal

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About Baby Magic

Hello there! My name is Yan, and I'm a designer passionate about making games, drawing and designing products. I have been working in mobile game industry for more than 10 years. 

What is Baby Magic?

Baby Magic is an adorable casual match-3 mobile game that spun off from the popular mobile game "Heaven Travel". It's a casual match-3 game that offers an easy and enjoyable playing experience. In this game, you have a set number of turns to defeat your enemies. If you manage to defeat them within the limit, you can advance to the next level.. People can download the game for free in Apple Store and Android Store, and we generate revenue through advertisements and in-app purchases. 

What makes Baby Magic special?

The unique story background and character design set this game apart from other match-3 games. Instead of defeating enemies, the game focus on the interest of our heroine, Lofn, whose insatiable desires drive her to transform adversaries into babies to protect the magical realm.

Players will delight in witnessing the whimsical transformations of enemies into infants, and follow Lofn as she confronts the legendary wizard, the magic school principle, upon advancing to the next map.

The game's rapid pace and absence of frustratingly difficult levels will keep you thrilled and engrossed, urging you to press forward with the storyline without hesitation.

Story of Baby Magic

The story of the heroine Lofn, who finds herself in a magical world after taking the Tree Spirit from the top of the portal and traveling through different heavens. However, they encountered dark creatures in this magical realm who instill insatiable desires in those they touch.

Unfortunately, dark creatures turning everyone at a magical school into greedy wizards. To undo this transformation, Lofn must use Baby Magic by releasing adorable elements to fulfill the desires of those affected until they are content and transformed into babies.

Adorable elements

Story Mode

The narrative of Baby Magic occurs after Heaven Travel. If you're familiar with Heaven Travel, you'll recognize its emphasis on storytelling. Thus, I intend to introduce a storytelling mode to Baby Magic, even though it's a basic match-3 game.

Translating into various languages can be demanding without relying on Google Translation. Given the resources, we strive to incorporate human translation as much as possible, enhancing the storytelling experience. We created a tier (HKD 10K) for those who want to add designated languages ​​to our games.

The inclusion of a story mode is guaranteed for the game. The timing of its availability, either at launch or through a subsequent update, will depend on our funding status.

Story mode


We have chosen to introduce a challenging boss every 100 levels. Upon defeating the boss, a new background will be unlocked. Subsequently, the boss will transition into a regular enemy with diminished abilities as players progress further in the game.

The 1st background magic school with detailed design and animations


Every enemy in the game embodies a unique profession and set of characteristics, ranging from students and school teachers to professors, principals, princes, and smiths. Picture the amusement of seeing iconic characters like the aged Dumbledore or Snape from Harry Potter transformed into adorable, rejuvenated babies. When you purify them, the baby will kiss you and reward you "turns."

Each enemy possesses unique attributes including HP, Attack Points, Attack Frequency, and Number of Turns Reward. When players reach higher levels, HP of enemies will increase.
Every character of the same kind is distinguished by varying colors and each color with different HP.

Different colors of the ghost


Baby Magic DEMO

It took us three months to develop the GAME DEMO (known as the Baby Magic lite version), and we are seeking your support to enhance and expand the game with additional content and features.

Try Baby Magic by clicking here : Apple StoreGoogle Play


Our content will be determined by the success of our funding. The more funding we got, the more levels we are going to create. 

Discord community

We have recently established a Discord community for Baby Magic! Feel free to join us on Discord at

The community will have a significant say in various features. While I have the main direction in mind, this is our game which includes you. As an example, we conducted a poll in the Discord channel to determine which enemy players preferred to unlock and which color combinations they desired.


Eary Bird Backers Freebies

We will provide a redemption code for 100 "Turns" and 3 random stickers for early backers within the first 48 hours. You can pledge for Early Bird Freebies in the add-ons section. Please note that you will still need to cover the shipping fee if you would like to receive stickers.


Add-ons enamel pins, tote bags, and more.

You can show your support by backing our enamel pins or other products as add-ons with a special offer. These items were successfully unlocked in my previous Kickstarter campaign. The funds raised will go towards covering the production costs of Baby Magic.

The designs you choose to pledge will also influence which characters will be appeared in our game.
Enamel Pins

Mini Pins and Lobster Clasps

Tote Bag

Lunch Box Bag


Airpod Case

Vinyl stickers

Alcohol Spray bottle

Goal & Stretch goal


How to Support us?

More Details for Invest us

We won't provide the details of our balance sheet for you.
This is not a 100% promise, the share of our net profit is only your trust in us.
We will send you reward through paypal every time we have our HKD100K net profit.
There will be limited to 300% of investment which return to you

It is possible that we can't have 100K profit which means your HKD 1K investment will become total lost.





I am using Hong Kong Post Office for tracked shipping | ECMS express
Shipping times vary between different countries. The following details are only for reference (According to  the experiment of previous campaign).
  • USA:   around 14 Business days 
  • Canada | Europe | Australia | Netherlands | England :  around 20 Business days 
  • Asia:  around 14 Business days 
Others:  around 20 to 30 Business days

For worldwide shipping, the basic cost for items weighing below 40g is 40HKD. If an item weighs over 40g, an additional fee will be charged as follows:

  • Regular Enamel Pins (25g) - 8HKD each
  • Mini Enamel Pins (15g) - 5HKD each
  • Tote bag - 100HKD each
  • Lunch box bag - 100HKD each
  • Earrings (35g) - 10HKD each
  • Air pod case (40g) - 15HKD each
  • Vinyl stickers (8g) - 2HKD each
  • Alcohol Spray - 40HKD each

For local (HongKong) shipping the basic cost for items weighing below 100g is 20HKD. If an item weighs over 100g, an additional fee will be charged as follows:

  • Regular Enamel Pins (25g) - 2HKD each
  • Mini Enamel Pins (15g) - 2HKD each
  • Tote bag - 10HKD each
  • Lunch box bag - 10HKD each
  • Earrings (35g) - 2HKD each
  • Air pod case (40g) - 5HKD each
  • Vinyl stickers (8g) - 1HKD each
  • Alcohol Spray - 5HKD each

Shipping will be charged after the campaign in the BackerKit Pledge Manager. 

The Plannings on future update

If our game receives a positive response from the market, we plan to implement several enhancements. These include introducing a forest system that enables players to nurture the collected babies, providing voice dubbing for the characters, collaborating with a musician to compose new background music (BGM), and potentially seeking assistance from Paul, the music producer of Heaven Travel.

Demo screen of the forest

About our team

Our team consists of mainly two members: myself, Yan, and Ricky, the programmer. We both have our own families and have known each other for a time. Despite creating games for over 10 years, due to various practical reasons, we are unable to pursue game development as our full-time occupation. However, we continue to create games as a passion project to provide entertainment for people.

I am also the producer of Heaven Travel and have received numerous encouraging comments from players, which has inspired me to consider creating another series. However, developing a large-scale game like Heaven Travel is quite challenging, and I am determined not to disappoint my Heaven Travel fans. As a result, I decided to work on something more casual, leading to the conception of Baby Magic.

Our entire budget for this project is aimed at enhancing the game with more engaging content for players to enjoy.

Projects related to Baby Magic

Our frist mobile game

Heaven Travel was our first mobile game. It has reached over 1 million downloads and has been translated into more than 10 languages through human translation efforts. The game has received different awards in the indie game community, and we are honored to have the famous Japanese voice actress Hanazawa Kana Sensei to dub the heroine. You can try it on Google play  | AppleStore

My kickstarter enamel pins campaign

Baby magic enamel pins campaign on my kickstarter. These characters are the prototypes of the characters in our mobile game.

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