We’ve had a big day, hitting two milestones- 70K in pledges and completing the last social media goal on Facebook! That means we only have ONE goal left- hitting 80k so we can battle it out between Dragon Fruit Bat and Rosy Maple Moth (Insert ‘Honey, you’ve got a big storm comin’ meme). While we get that last 10k, let’s do some brainstorming- what’s your dream Snughoul? What species, colour palette, details, belly badge, theme, accessory, piece of clothing, etc would you will into existence if you could? Here’s a few I can think of- Accessories: Metal dog name tags, Piercings (maybe ear cuffs so it stays on) Clothing: Punk vests (to put patches and the pins from Pintopia on), Matching button downs in the rad patterns from Series 2 and Pintopia, Overalls Colours: Glow in the Dark, Neon, More UV reactive details Details: Heart paw pads, Embroidered tattoos, Mohawk, Different pupils (hypno eyes, heart eyes) Species: Spider (lots of legs, lots of eyes!), Ghost (All white with glow in the dark details would be so cool) I also desperately want an official colouring book like Series 1 had colouring pages!

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