QueerCrush Mugs

QueerCrush Mugs

We are offering pre-orders on 15oz ceramic "campfire" mugs with our logos on them. We need at least 30 pre-orders at $10 to be able to order the mugs. Once they arrive, they will retail for $15. You can see our existing merch at QCMerch.com
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QueerCrush Mugs!

Hello! We are QueerCrush, the ONLY lesbian spicy site created 100% by Sapphics. We've had so many requests for mugs in our merch rotation, we've decided to make it happen! Mugs will retail for $15, but you can pre-order at a special back-only price of just $10.

What is QueerCrush?
QueerCrush is a celebration of genuine Sapphic passion and fun brought to you by director Electra Rayne and videographer Dahlia Von Knight. Disappointed with most of the lesbian content being produced--especially when it came to toys--Electra set out to make content that looked like the experiences she and her friends have in their personal lives--and to create content that even her (non-industry) wife could enjoy.

What makes QueerCrush different from other spicy sites?
Not only does QueerCrush shoot legitimately queer women and Sapphic nonbinary performers only, the production team is entirely Sapphic as well. Performers choose their own partners, wardrobe, makeup (including the option to skip makeup), and everything they do in their scenes. They're encouraged to be themselves on camera, and water, lube-usage, bloopers, and check-ins are left in their scenes. Best of all, our performers also retain the rights to the content they create, so they can monetize it themselves as well.
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