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about 1 year ago


We're moving along nicely, and this week we have a new CROSS-PROMO OFFER!! If you back THIS campaign AND Children of Gaia: Fantasy Game, Comic, and Coloring Book! you will receive a FREE copy of the "TarMucks: Origins" minicomic! (PDFs for those at digital levels, print copies for those at physical levels.) The comics are 12 pages, full color, and all about how humans drinking coffee keeps Cthulhu asleep. 

Backers of both campaigns can leave a comment on the Children of Gaia campaign mentioning they backed both, along with the hashtag #ChildrenofCthulhu, and we'll add a copy of "TarMucks: Origins" to their rewards!

CLICK HERE TO BACK THEIR CAMPAIGN and secure your free mini-comic!

We have ALSO added two new types of coffee to our campaign for those who want some caffeine, courtesy of our buds at ONESHI PRESS:

TarMucks "Get Java" Coffee:

Pre-ground. Medium-dark roast (City+). Single-source beans from Honduras. Direct trade. Pollinated by bats & bees. No pesticides or GMOs.

Cthulhu and his kin thrive on dream energy, so keep yourself awake with your very own taste of TarMucks’ strongest medium-dark roast—Get Java! Notes of chocolate, walnut, and citrus.

TarMucks "Xtra Dark" Coffee:
Pre-ground. Dark roast. Single-source beans from Honduras. Direct trade. Pollenated by bats  & bees. No pesticides or GMOs.

This most apocalyptic of brews lets you sit back with a cup of flavor that’s surprisingly mellow. Because, if you’re going to face down Cthulhu, you might as well enjoy getting caffeinated, first… Extra-dark roast for a smooth, chocolatey finish.

And a little love for one of our good friends, who is also helping us with this campaign: Kat Calamia!! She has eight days left on her stunning comics anthology about HAIR: BACK IT HERE RIGHT NOW!

Kat Calamia, Phil Falco (Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Anthology) and Jamila Rowser (Wash Day Diaries) unite to bring you a brand-new comic book anthology: HAIROLOGY! With a foreword from the legendary, Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey). 

There are 20+ involved creators, with the likes of Sterling Gates (Supergirl, The Flash), Sarah Leuver (Teen Titans Go!), Kenan Halilović (WEBTOON’s Witch Creek Road), Tilly & Susan Bridges (Monster High, Star Trek Adventures), Mary Crispies (WEBTOON’s Angel's Quest), Erin O'Neill Jones (Reject Squad), Brant Fowler (Last Ember Press), Salomée Luce-Antoinette (Nubia), and many more!

Everybody has their own unique and deeply personal relationship with their hair, so we wanted to create a platform for creators to tell their diverse stories.

Collecting twelve (12) original stories, Hairology tackles diverse topics including natural hair, cancer, transitioning, body hair, dye, balding, and locs across a wide spectrum of genres which includes: action, slice of life, sci-fi, modern fantasy, autobiography, dystopia, and even werewolves!





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