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Lynnvander is a Canadian-based company enhancing and developing both existing and new creative intellectual properties in a worldwide marketplace.

Lynnvander is responsible for;  Buffy the Vampire Slayer • Albion’s Legacy • Cowboy Bebop: Board Game Boogie • Doctor Who: Don’t Blink • Dragon Ball Z: The Board Game Saga • Evil Dead 2: The Board Game • Japanime Tactics: Granblue Fantasy • Naruto Shippuden: Village Defenders • Snap Ships Tactics • Star Trek Alliance • Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance • Super Camelot • Shadowrun: Takedown • Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops • Reanimator • Battletech: Aces • Shadowrun: Takedown... 

We design games. We create experiences. We publish games.

Lynnvander has also been well-noted for their presence at hobby show and comic-con style conventions in the US, Canada, and the EU, especially for our reputable panels at Reed Pop’s PAX convention circuit, Gen Con Indy, and GAMA.


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