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Pallor Publishing focuses creative efforts towards designing systems of divination such as ESP and Tarot cards, one-of-a-kind wooden spirit boards, and offers a class on customized Sigil design.

Vibrating Tarot, a forthcoming pleasure product themed Tarot deck, is Crowdfunding on BackerKit in 2024. Please join our mailing list here:

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Frank Lawrence,
Creative Director

I’m an independent artist and freelance typographer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Design from York University / Sheridan College’s Joint Program in Design in 2011, I've been running a small freelance design business called Pallor Publishing, where I offer typography consultation, book design, font design, and on the weekends, I read Tarot and ESP cards by appointment.

In my personal life, I garden poisonous plants, collect old typewriters, and play the saw.

Please see me on social media and say hi anytime.

Thanks for having me on your exciting new platform. I’m happy to meet everyone and get to know the community. Please add me to your network and send a messenger anytime.


Frank Lawrence, B.Des

Vibrating Tarot
by Pallor Publishing


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