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Founded in 2021, Fari RPGs is a Canadian roleplaying game design studio that focuses on action-packed, fiction-driven, and accessible gaming experiences.

We published games such as Breathless (zombie survival horror), Stoneburner (sci-fantasy solo-friendly demon hunting and community building), Tales of the Burned Stones (dark-fantasy dungeon delving and journeying), Firelights (solo exploration), Nomadic (tragic solo space exploration), Charge (generic FitD engine), Hopes & Dreams (grunge fantasy hope-punk) and more.

We also have open licensed all of our systems in the form of system reference documents (SRDs) and creator kits. To this day, more than 300 games have been published using systems we developed and open licensed.

To foster the independent design community, we also manage the Fari Community project, a +1000 strong Discord server and a website hosting more than 40 SRDs and various resources to get you started in creating your own tabletop role-playing game.

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