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Hey everyone! Creator KasuCope here!  

As a self proclaimed introvert, I am so excited to share these new and fun pins designs with you! As every introvert knows, people can be draining and sometimes plants are just easier. Given the choice to get dolled up and go out and party or to stay home in comfy clothes with a good book and a great atmosphere, the choice is obvious. For many of us introverts our home is our sanctuary and atmosphere is everything. So don’t miss this opportunity to spruce up your space with these fun and sassy pins! 

If you made it this far and are still reading this I’ll let you in on a little about me. I grew up always loving and doing art but never pursued it as a career. I went to college and ended up graduating with a bachelor’s of Chemistry and a Master’s of Education. I spent the first few years of my married life teaching secondary science. After our first child was born I chose to stay home and spend my time and energy raising our children. I still enjoy doing art in my rare spare time, but most of my art has been for myself or small commissions. I am an artist that mostly works with charcoal, and acrylic and watercolor paintings. Digital art is a new adventure for me and I am excited to begin to stretch my artistic muscles again after so many years. 

Creating pins is a very exciting first project for me. I have always loved collecting pins from places I have visited or unique pins that capture my attention. If you are visiting this page I would love your support for the beginning of my journey as I am sure there is more to come! 


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