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Virginia is the author of ‘The Business Mountain' - Don’t look down - series of 4 books and she grew up in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.
A qualified Military Aerospace Engineer and having worked for many years for the top three Entrepreneurial started Companies Bell, Rolls-Royce, and GE. Virginia won World Invention of the Year - Platinum and Double Gold awards at the Savoy London British Invention Show awards 2018 & 2019. Virginia has a vast business knowledge which was greatly enhanced by reading a business book a week for two years.
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       4 secret business books and secret     
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                        Virginia Rabbitts
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                         1st APRIL 2024
 I bring to you the secret ‘Business Mountain’   
    series of books. For all of YOU who have
                    ALWAYS DREAMED
 of launching and running your own business
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- Have you ever been intrigued as to how   
   business actually works? How is it done ?
- How can a business dream be turned into a
   reality ?
- How can businesses be improved ?
- How are millionaires and billionaires made ?
- Or even how have businesses around you
  become so successful ?

These questions I am quite sure we have had at
                      one time or another …

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  With these 4 books ANYONE could start up
                          their own business

One of my now Millionaire clients: -

          If anyone has these 4 books that is all they
                 would need … this is extraordinary !!”

Another : -

                         “This is going good”


Virginia is an award winning Entrepreneur, business owner and Inventor of the NAPPYTIME-CHANGING MAT. The only baby changing mat in
the World with a patented built-in four-point harness with rigid backboard to help to prevent split second falls and keep babies still during   
nappy changes. She has been selling her products across the World for over 30 years to the biggest retailer companies & to the smallest ventures too.
To Commercial Facilitators, Hotels, Hospitals, Museums, Motorway service stations and the biggest Theme Parks too. 

Her inventions have won countless ...


                 She then became a Director of

     ‘Director of Kingston University Business &   
   Innovation Centre in the United Kingdom with   
                 the late Professor David Nicolas’

     and went on to assist LITERALLY HUNDREDS
         of all kinds of businesses, inventors and   

Note from Virginia … for your audiences…

“Join with me on my ‘The Business Mountain’ we’re all now going to the business SUMMIT … & I know the way!!” 📚🏔️

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