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Goblin Archives

Goblin Archives is the writer and designer of Liminal Horror (modern horror ttrpg) along with Josh Domanski.

Currently there are:

  • Liminal Horror: Investigators (core system) in print, itch, drivethrurpg
  • Liminal Horror: Legacy Edition in print, itch
  • The Mall Official module: What if The Thing were set in a 1990s mall? in print, itch
  • The Bureau Official module co-written with Josh Domanski: It’s Gradient Descent meets Control in print, itch
  • The Bloom Official Module: What if Twin Peaks had a The Last of Us arc? in print, itch
  • One Night At The Shelterwood Inn Official Crossover Module: A Liminal Horror & Triangle Agency Crossover Reality

You can find work by Goblin Archives:


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