Ren: The Girl with the Mark – Season Two

Ren Season Two: Can We Count on Your Support?

by Mythica & Ren News Team

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As a thank you for committing early, we'll add an exclusive free short story book to your rewards when the Kickstarter is complete. Written by Claire Finn, one of our Season Two script team, this beautiful story is about a difficult and mysterious time in Ren's childhood.


How do I reserve my book?

Click the above button (or enter your email address), then pledge at any level to the Ren 2 Kickstarter once it goes live.

Are there any costs associated with this gift?

We customarily charge shipping for rewards in BackerKit when the campaign completes. This book will not change shipping costs if your pledge includes other physical items. If the rest of your order is digital you will have the option of either selecting a digital PDF or ebook version or covering the cost of shipping for just this item.

When does this promotion end?

This promotion ends when the Kickstarter campaign launches on January 31st, 2020.

How big is the book?

The story is 1,762 words. The exact dimensions of the book are TBC, but we expect it to be pocket sized.

What happens if the Kickstarter campaign is cancelled or does not reach its target?

As with all Kickstarter rewards, backers will only receive this book in the event of a successful campaign. Be sure to share the Ren 2 page far and wide to give us the best chance of success!

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If you see a box to enter your email address instead of a button, this means you're not yet in our BackerKit system. Enter your email address and check your inbox to qualify for your book and show that you intend to pledge.

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