First look at our upcoming Kickstarter, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Sneak Peak: Cyber Knights Kickstarter

by Trese Brothers Games

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We are excited to share the entire reward list with you in this exclusive sneak peak. While the final campaign will include a lot more details about each backer level, we've included a summarized list here. To read the rewards table, the columns are reward levels ($15, $25) and the rows are individual rewards. To keep things simple, all reward levels are cumulative and include all rewards offered in lower levels.

At the first reward tier ($15) you'll get a Steam key for the game on launch. At the Alpha Edition ($60) you will be the first to play the game and work and work closely with our team as we balance, improve and expand the game before launch. The alpha will run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

Digital rewards that unlock in-game content start at $25 with the Chromehawk Starting Weapons for improved starting weapons featuring an in-game cosmetic to spice up your screenshots, streams and in-game teams. At $40, you gain access to an optional game currency and item booster for your new games with the Nano-Boosted Start. At $60, you have stocked your closets with the latest Omega Style Collection, featuring exclusive outfits, hats and accessories (2 of each). Finally, at $100 your story will include a Well-Connected Ally who will open up some new options, a unique storyline and offer early game rewards that can help you get a jump on your new career.

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