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Get Ready to Help Kids Change the World with One Health Kids

by One Life Epi Solutions

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What is this about One Health?πŸ€”

One Health is a big concept with a really simple foundation - humans need animals and the environment, and humans, animals, and the environment all affect each other.

This simple truth makes a big difference in how we think about a lot of things in our daily lives: our interactions with animals and the environment, how we get our food, how we build our global villages, how we get sick, how we keep ourselves and our fellow living things in the world healthy, and how we find solutions to really big problems.

One Health is not a new concept, but more awareness and action have evolved around One Health in recent years as a way to prevent another pandemic like COVID-19 and solve serious problems like bacteria becoming immune to certain medicines, food shortages, climate changes, animal conservation, and environmental health.

In other words...One Health is an approach to solving health and sustainability issues in people, animals, and the environment. These three elements are closely linked and depend on each other. One Health focuses on thinking about those links and bringing together different perspectives and experts to address these issues and understand the world around us.

Why should kids and teenagers learn about it? πŸ‘§

When youth are growing up, they are forming how they see and think about the world - creating their worldview.Β  Increasing awareness in our next generation that will form our future society can have a powerful impact in the world.
We want our future generations to use this One Health way of thinking to make their world a better place, find innovative solutions, learn about practical activism, and prevent future issues. We want them to understand how the elements of humans and nature work together and feel empowered to improve and protect their health and the health of the world they live in. We want them to consider the long-term outcomes of their choices in their daily lives. We want to show them the different roles that people have in One Health and how they can work together with others to make an even bigger impact.

So What is One Health Kids Again? 🌍

One Health Kids is a series of online and in-print materials (books, courses, curriculum, etc.) for youth to learn about One Health and use it to improve their health, the health of their communities, and the health of the animals and environment around them. Each book in a series is offered at three different reading and comprehension levels to engage a range of ages from 5 to 17. Of course, if you find yourself picking up the book and reading it at say...33, we won't judge you a bit! 😁

The first book in the series is an introduction to what One Health is, what it means for us, and a bit about how animals and the environment are involved. There's also a special call to action at the end to get kids thinking about how they can impact their communities by using the One Health concept.

Each One Health Kids book features of biography of the author and any experts who contributed to the book so kids and teens can learn more about what they do in One Health and how they got there. This gives them a role model and options to consider when they are thinking about what they want to do as they grow up. In the future, we will offer a special series on One Health professionals showcasing various experts in the field, what they do in their work, and how others can follow in their footsteps.

What's really cool about One Health Kids is it's for everyone. Really everyone. We use 20% of the profits to donate these books to kids in areas with limited resources who can really benefit from learning about One Health and using it to empower themselves and their communities.

We're launching our crowdfunding campaign in August to raise money and support to make One Health Kids available for kids all over the world.

What is This Campaign For? 🎁

We need your help getting this first introduction book, What is One Health?, printed and into the hands of youth all over the world. We need your help to get this in the hands of kids so they can learn about One Health and use it to improve their health, the health of their communities, and the health of the animals and environment around them.

This campaign is a unique opportunity to rally around this cause and reduce inequities in health, inspire children to choose professions that help change the world, and increase the impact of One Health across the globe. We are offering special discounts, packages, one-on-one learning sessions, and recognition as a way of thanking our One Health heroes!

What is One Life Epi Solutions?

One Life Epi Solutions is an organization that works to protect our future generations by using data and education to provide targeted, evidence-based solutions that prevent the spread of infectious diseases from animals to humans, address degradation of environmental ecosystems, and promote engagement in local communities.

As a social enterprise striving to promote One Health solutions in multiple sectors, we are uniquely positioned to creatively implement public health interventions such as education for professionals and youth, program and surveillance design, and interprofessional collaboration through our services and programs.

Our education programs serve both individuals and global communities as we tailor books, courses, and curricula to meet the needs of professionals and budding youth worldwide. Educational materials may be purchased by individuals or organizations, and impact funding is sought to help make the concepts of One Health available for everyone.

We also offer partnerships with businesses to enable their passion for corporate responsibility and collaborate with clients through data analysis and surveillance, program development, and project oversight.

Meet the Owner: Ginger Dixon

I am passionate about environmental and One Health as I believe that we are directly and indirectly affected by what happens in the environment around us. Our future generations cannot survive if we do not take responsibility for our interactions with the environment and animals to ensure that our actions do not adversely affect them. I developed my spirituality through nature and animals and want my children to live healthy lives where they can appreciate the beauty of God in a world where we understand, honor, and cultivate positive interactions with the environment and the animals we share it with.

When I was a kid, I wrote my first research paper as part of a class assignment and loved it! I started writing research paper after research paper on different animals to learn more about them until my teacher made me a binder of all of my papers. I still have it to this day and it's a very special reminder to me of why I want to share One Health Kids with you all. I love teaching others, including teaching my own three children at home.

I am an Epidemiologist specializing in infectious disease and One Health and Doctor of Public Health candidate at Samford University. I started my professional journey as a nurse caring for and serving patients in a variety of settings. Then, I pursued my love of science through biology and got to do some interesting research in my Bachelor of Science program playing in the lab exploring antibacterial properties of plant extracts on different pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, and especially nasty variants of those bacteria. After that, I decided to move into public health and explored ecology, global health, biostatistics, and epidemiology.

My research for my Master’s thesis in Epidemiology at the University of Arizona focused on making sure a model of mosquito populations could be used to help public health professionals prevent West Nile virus infections in the future as the climate changes. Alongside my work at One Life Epi, I support a local health jurisdiction as a Lead Epidemiologist, give conferences on One Health, work with teams to create predictions about what with happen with diseases in a changing climate, and advise local and state agencies on surveillance technology, polices, and procedures. I created One Life Epi Solutions to teach people about One Health and address the key needs that I saw in One Health: awareness, teamwork, surveillance, education, and community action.

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