Boba Mahjong - A tasty boba card game with a sweet twist.

Ta-Te's Boba Mahjong Relaunch and the $7 Day 1 Special

by Ta-Te Wu

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Let's see what people are saying about Boba Mahjong!

"If you’re looking for a solid little two-player card game, you really like boba, or you just enjoy set collection, I’d recommend checking out Boba Mahjong!" - What's Eric Playing?.

"Boba Mahjong receives the Colorblind Games Seal of Approval by using triple-coding to distinguish cards: Color, Iconography, and Words!" - Brian Chandler of Colorblind Preview.

"Replayability: So much! We got a little playfully competitive playing this one. It is enjoyable to replay." - Sushiball Games.

"After dozens of plays, I'm still learning how deep Boba Mahjong is.  For such an easy ruleset, this game will get your gears turning!" - Patrick Hepner of Level Up Board Game. Podcast episode 25 (1:24:119).


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