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The Sagaverse Chronicles: Volume 1

by Sagaverse Studios

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The Sagaverse Chronicles: Volume 1
Step into the vibrant realms of the Sagaverse, where fantasy and adventure collide across time! Our quest is to bring three enthralling comic books to life, each a gateway into a distinct era of the Sagaverse's diverse settings. These are not just stories but invitations to explore, dream, and prepare yourself for an even grander adventure – the Sagaverse RPG. From the ancient myths that shaped the world to the epic sagas that will forge its future, each book weaves a unique tale, promising heroes, villains, and the timeless struggle between them.
The Three Issues in Volume 1:
  • Primeval, written by John LoCascio: The first book in the series takes place in a savage primal world where humanoid life is new and civilization is nonexistent. The fight for survival against giants, dark powers, and nature itself tells a harrowing story of the earliest struggles for life in the universe.
  • Clockwork Horizon, written by Nedka Rokonokova: The second volume unfolds in a realm evolving past the confines of a typical fantasy landscape. Magic persists, albeit diminished. Technology is on the cusp of blooming, and the world's races seek to broaden their realms, navigating through the perils of ancient menaces and emerging threats.
  • Century: The Strange Second Life of Cybersmith, written by John Coleman: Volume three stretches across several decades, offering an epic narrative that explores an alternate modern world shaped by differing outcomes of key historical events. Set in the "post-human" era, it delves into a reality where technology, magic, and superbeings compete for dominance and the direction of civilization's future.

Our Art Team:
Miky Arango:  Miky's Portfolio
Matheus Zastawny: Matheus' Portfolio

Every Hero Needs Allies, Join Early For an Exclusive Hero Statue!

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