Clutch! A Kobold Story

Kobolds r makin' a show!!1!5

by Book the Booker of Clan "Fine You're a Clan Now, Let Me Sleep"

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Hello! I'm Book the Booker. We've got an exciting event happening for you today. and that special event is I'm telling you us Kobolds at Clan Fine are whipping up a show! It's an Audio Comedy, so it's perfect for when you're on the go or your hands are too full to look at glowy boxes!

We're hard at work getting our presentation ready to show you what we're all about. but in the meantime, you can listen to our little short where Strap and Nom trap a human! It's very exciting and also tastes like cinnamon (you can taste things on the internet, right?)

We're gonna need your help because Kobolds have no shinies of their own (those are for Dragons!) So we're gonna make a biiiig pit in Kickstarter for us to throw shinies into together, and with a little kobold magic (rocks) we will make our very own Kobold show!


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From the Creator of Magus Elgar comes a brand new audio drama, Clutch! A Kobold Story!

Clutch is a six episode Audio Comedy about three kobolds embarking on a grand adventure to find a new dragon master after we *ahem* accidentally kill their old one. Our kobold adventurers are:
Strap the Trapper: Resident Trapmaker and impromptu leader of their troupe. Just make sure you give him plenty to do before he overthinks himself into a catastrophe.
Nom the Healther: Healer for their clan, but really she just wants to drink healing potions all day. She thinks if you drink enough of them, you become immortal.
Book the Booker:(THAT'S ME!) A kobold that can READ?! I'm a lovable scamp that just wants to share with you my favorite absolutely true adventures of serials and fictional tales (whatever fictional is supposed to mean).

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Hatchily Yours,
Book the Booker

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