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DIRE CONTACT - Supernatural Thriller Series - No Brainer Book 1

by JC Spark

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What do you do when a stranger disintegrates right in front of you? asked eleven-year-old Steve, to whom this had just happened. And whether it made any difference that it had been a stranger. Should it, or shouldn't it?

From the moment eleven-year-old Steve witnesses the terrifying phenomenon, the stage is set for a mystery that will haunt him for years to come.

Fast forward two decades:
Now a physicist grappling with the aftermath of that fateful day, Steve is determined to uncover the truth behind his inexplicable experience - even if it means risking his own sanity.

FBI agent Rena races against the clock clinging to a case with bizarre twists, , while Steve's best friend Cain struggles to navigate the complexities of his love life

If Good Omens and Dr. Who had a baby, it would be DIRE CONTACT: the birth of the Space World universe, a Supernatural Thriller series.

This is for you if you:

- Love suspense and surprises
- Always wanted to meet anthropomorphic personifications
- Thrive for slow burner friends to lovers 
- Want to explore a new universe, that is just so close to ours that you could             accidentially touch it
- Love multi-layered stories told from multiple character perspectives
- Enjoy a rainbow character cast with depth and a humorous look at
   life, the universe, and everything

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The book will be available in English and German as

- ebook
- audio narration
- softcover

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