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Get Ready for DELAY Growing Down -> Phoenix

by JC Spark

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This is a story told in poems, song lyrics and prose - and it comes with a twist, not only in the story, but also with the book itself.

At some point you need to turn it around and upside down to read on - just like life sometimes makes you fall to rise again.

This is a review for part one of the book I got from a beta reader:

Review of Delay: Growing Down

As straightforward as a song, with delicious imagery and absolute honesty, JC Spark’s book of lyric poetry brings to life the poignancy of our existence. Her lyrics-turned-poetry shares her quests and questions, observations, and experiences. 
Her growth and the grace with which she ultimately rises above the painful parts of her life are heartening and heart-warming. She shares the beautiful and the painful with equal honesty, and in doing so she offers us insight not only into her soul but into the nature of who we are as human beings. 

Each page of the book is associated with a short descriptor in the table of contents, either a single word or phrase. Each page is the home of two poems, different yet connected.
Delay: Growing Down
is more than a book of poetry. It is a song itself, its melody nothing short of the alchemy of Spark’s own life. Unflinching in her self-awareness, she is equally brave as reveals snapshots of her story -- who she was and who she’s becoming. In doing so she gifts us with the emotion and music that carried her through it all.

Her words carried me through a whole range of emotions. I have my favorites on these pages. I can only recommend you read it yourself to find which moments are your favorites. This is a book I definitely recommend. 

Kim Paluch

Thank you Kim, and thank you all my other beta readers ... and I will always remember the feedback I got from Liz:
"Read it in the bath tube and the water got cold because I could not put it down."

So you are warned now, this can happen :-)

Front Cover

Back Cover

This is poetry with a twist.

There comes a point in the book - much like in life sometimes - where things get turned upside down.

That is when you will have to turn the book and read on from the other side.

The book is written and ready to go to final layout for print.

Total number of books: 1
Genre: narrative poetry, song lyrics
Page count: 156 pages
Trim: 6"x 9"
Format: Hardcover

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