Get Ready for QUEERZ! RPG

by Amít Moshe / Son of Oak Game Studio

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Coming Soon to Kickstarter! An LGBTQ+ themed tabletop RPG based on the "QUEERZ!" manga and powered by City of Mist. Fight ignorance, prejudice, and intolerance -- with empathy!

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In QUEERZ!, super-powered LGBTQ+ heroes battle villains that embody ignorance and bigotry, employing a variety of colorful energy blasts and unique abilities bestowed upon them by the benevolent Rainbow Emapthy. While each encounter begins with classic anime action and flashy exchange of colorful attacks, at the climax of battle, heroes enter the personal landscape at the core of each villain, unpack their past, and help free them from their prejudice and narrow-mindedness. When not battling superpowered ignorance, the protagonists cope with the challenges of their everyday lives and explore their own queerness.

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