Zombicide: Undead or Alive

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It's time to look to the future. It's time for Zombicide: Gears & Guns!

Yesterday we introduced a new series of parallel Stretch Goals to complement the recently announced Gears & Guns campaign expansion! These will be unlocked between the regular Stretch Goals that are unlocked for all backers with a Steampunk Pledge.

Gears & Guns is a campaign expansion. Its 10 Missions form a single ongoing story in which the Survivors accumulate experience, skills, and equipment. Their actions and choices may have dire ramifications down the line.

Each Mission in the campaign features a unique set of Objective cards. When taken, players flip the card over to uncover its contents, be it choices or surprises!

Survivors have access to the incredible wonders of the Advanced Steam Weapons, which give them the option to go Full Steam.

Engineer-class Suvivors are experts in these new wonders, and use enhanced stats when going Full Steam with their attacks, as well as being able to refill depleted weapons.

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