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by Crit Academy

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One of the best parts about any roleplaying game isn’t just the fantastic battles. It’s the memorable locations that they take place in, and the interesting NPCs that our heroes encounter. In order to build a project that includes all these great points, we wanted to bring someone in who has been in the game for years. So Crit Academy partnered up with Arjade Productions to add a wealth of old-school knowledge to our adventure book. We each bring our own unique style and viewpoint to this project.

Extraordinary Expeditions was inspired by one of our favorite adventure themes, dungeon delves. Modular adventures that could be grabbed from the shelf and ran with little or no prep work at all. The adventures are written in such a way, that everyone at the table gets to experience their favorite pillars of roleplay. With Crit Academy’s expertise in 5th Edition and Arjade Productions’ masterful knowledge of 3.5 rules, we believe Extraordinary Expeditions will hit on all these points and so much more.

This project is a labor of love and we hope you will consider becoming a backer to help bring it to life.

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