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Get Ready for In the foggy forest there are trolls.

by Line Adelen Asp

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In the deep, dark forest, where the fog lays low and thick, there lives a troll. A lonesome troll with only himself to keep company, he longs for companionship and someone to share his life with. As a magical troll, he lives forever, and forever is a long time to be alone. He has lived in solitude for 80 years after his troll wife was captured by a little girl wandering the forest. The girl put the troll in her pocket, took it home, and put it in a jar, never telling a soul about it. Years later, when the girl had a granddaughter, she entrusted the troll to her, and they spent many happy days together. The troll had a small village to live in, built by the girl's grandmother, but it was sealed off to prevent the troll from escaping. However, as the girl grew older, she became tired of the troll, although she never forgot about it. One day, she received a call informing her of her grandmother's death, and she mourned deeply. After her grandmother's death, the granddaughter forgot about the troll, leaving it alone and captive. In its loneliness, the troll sang a magical song about love, family, captivity, and loneliness. By chance, another troll, who had also wandered off from the forest due to depression and loneliness, ended up outside the house where the troll was kept. This troll had been searching for its love for over 80 years and was overjoyed to find her. It cried tears of understanding and sorrow, creating a raincloud that followed it wherever it went.


Determined to find her, the troll listened carefully to the singing and pinpointed her exact location in the house. It burst through the door, despite its small size, filled with excitement. Running up the stairs, it continued to hear her sing, and as it opened the door to her room, the sudden silence startled her. Little did she know that the sound was her beloved troll coming to her rescue. Overwhelmed with emotion, he cried out for her and called her name, causing her to fall in love with him once again. He hopped up to the table where the village was, getting a closer look now. She turned around as he looked for her in the bushes at the start of the tiny road in the village. Of course, he had not broken the glass, as she could get hurt. He had a special power that she did not have, the power of teleportation. He was easily able to enter the village and try to find out if she remembered him after all these years. And she did. She ran as fast as she could into his arms and kissed his face, what seemed like a hundred times. Then she told him to hold her hand to see if he could teleport with her included, and he gave it his all. And he made it! They were finally together again as she regained her freedom. She was forever grateful and loved him even more than before for saving her. They returned to the foggy forest and got married; they even had a child. And another, and another. Three little troll babies! Amazing. They could not be happier. 




Back to the granddaughter, she went to the house a few weeks later to release the magical creature she had grown up with and loved in her own way. It seemed like holding someone captive means you do not love them, but she was just a little girl when she first saw the troll. So it was normal for her to keep a troll. She just assumed it was something many other kids also had in their houses. Even though she was wrong to think that, she just did not know any better. She arrived at the house, walked up the stairs, and went straight for the table with the village in a glass. But no troll. She could not find the tiny creature, looked at the village for a good while before she gave up and sat down in her grandmother's rocking chair. She thought about it for a good couple of hours before she concluded that the troll had escaped. She did not know how or when, but she knew she was glad she did not have to release the troll herself. As she was scared of the magic the troll possessed. What powers did it really have, and would it use them on her? So she returned home, but not before removing the bubble from the village. As it happens, she knew someone else might get caught someday too. And one thing her grandmother told her was to remove the bubble before it was too late if she forgot about it in her own old age. The granddaughter was to do this before she got old and forgetful like her granny. Now all is well in the trolls' foggy forest, and they are living happily together, all of them. 







The end.

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