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Get Ready for Funky Fae Critter Pins

by GrenDraws

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Welcome, strange traveler, to the land of the Veil. Here, you won’t find any plain humans, but rather a menagerie of folk big and small, benevolent and nefarious. 

Everyone from the minotaur to the brownie calls the Veil home, kept secret and kept safe from the land of mortals and strange humans.

This year, however, some of our Veil-wrought wares are making their way into yours, out into The Beyond! We present to you here three pins of our most beloved critters.

Pin 1: the Oblivious Opossum- attuned to their personal clock, the opossum spends much of their day wandering the glades just outside of town. Though many Veil residents are familiar with opossums, the Veil-opossum is somewhat removed from the Beyond-opossum, gifted with magical abilities.

Pin 2: the Playful Procyon- easily the most mischievous of the Veils non-magical residents, this ring tailed creature can often be found raiding trash bins and consuming any edible detritus. Though respected for their resourcefulness, many residents find this creature perhaps a bit too chaotic.

Pin 3: the Finicky Feline- Everyone in both the Veil and Beyond knows and loves cats. With one paw in one world and one in the other, the Feline has been friend and beloved companion to many Veil residents over the millennia.

Each pin is priced at $20, but a special deal is here, where you can get all 3 pins for a discounted price of $50.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 40 other people!

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