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Get Ready for Aerodome!

by Ephyrean Games

Prepare your fighters and join the fight!

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From the man that helped bring FFG Organized Play to the forefront comes an all-new game of aerial combat. This fast-paced tactical game puts you in the pilot’s seat as you select your fighter, customize your maneuvers, and shoot down your opponent.

Organize your assault using unique Battle cards that allow you to maneuver and arm your fighter. Follow the icon to determine the type, speed and how many dice you will roll during your action. Can you outwit your opponent to strike first and avoid their fire?

Below are examples of a 3 maneuver and attack action:

Aerodome offers an affordable competitive game with a deep library of customization. The core set will feature 16 unique fighters to choose from and over 180 battle cards. Use these to customize your Maneuver hand and develop your play style! You will also receive dice, templates and everything else needed to start playing!

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Prepare your fighters and join the fight!

Join 407 other people!

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