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Get ready for Fading Skies!

by Distant Blue

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Fading Skies blends classic 3D platforming with modern action-RPG, taking you on a vibrant adventure through a broken world full of mystery and magic.

Support us to bring life to a colorful fantasy universe full of memorable characters.
Together, let's restore the light to Fading Skies!

Journey as Ryn alongside her cute cat-sized dragon companion and uncover a forgotten past!

The seamless world of Fading Skies allows you to explore to your heart’s content. Delve into hidden caves to hunt for upgrades, gather energy to unlock mysterious temples, test your skill in a variety of challenges, and meet a memorable cast of unique characters.

After waking up in an unfamiliar land and without any recollection of who she is, Ryn has to confront the shadows of her past. Join her on a journey of lost friendships and new beginnings, searching for a way to heal not only a broken planet, but also her own shattered identity.

Rediscover Ryn’s lost abilities and wield the power of your dragon companion! Only by defeating the corrupted creatures that appeared all over the world can your dragon grow stronger and provide you with more magical energy.

Gather energy from enemies, platforming challenges or exploration, and spend it to enhance a variety of skills and attributes. 

On your quest for answers, you will encounter a variety of dark creatures that stand in your way. Expand your arsenal of abilities and use every tool available to overcome your opponents.

Ryn’s adventure takes her through a variety of intricate environments, full of odd contraptions and dynamic challenges. Use your wit and dexterity to make it through!  

To give you the best possible look at what Fading Skies plays and feels like, we will be releasing a free demo on Steam before the launch of the Kickstarter. Join us on Discord or social media to get notified about the release date!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming Kickstarter?

Join 227 other people!

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