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4 months ago

Project Update: Pledge Manager Closing TONIGHT: Final Notice

Almost everyone is locked in and has completed their Pledge Manager, hurray!  93% of you, in fact.

If you haven't filled out your survey yet, tonight's the time to do it! If you need help, let me know and I'll get you replacement links/etc so you can get it filled out.

If you miss the deadline, you can still get your game later, but it'll be in September after games are flowing to distribution/etc, and if you are a non-US backer that misses the deadline, your game will be shipped from our office directly in the USA, and the shipping price will likely be significantly higher, and paying VAT/local duties on arrival will be your responsibility.  If that doesn't work, we can always give you a refund.  

Looking forward to seeing the game on everyone's tables this summer! Thanks again to everyone who supported the project :)




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