BackerKit FAQ

How does BackerKit crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding is a collaborative way to bring ideas and projects to life. Project creators post their idea for a project, and backers pledge money to make the project possible. Backers get behind the scenes access and backer-only rewards, which can include exclusive products, special pricing, creative input, content, and more.

To become a backer, select a pledge level that features the reward(s) you would like to receive when the project is successfully completed and make your contribution.

All-or-nothing crowdfunding model: The creator sets a funding goal and a deadline to raise funds. If the project does not meet the goal by the deadline, backers credit cards are not charged and no money changes hands.

Crowdfunding projects can happen at various stages of the creative process. Make sure to check the estimated timeline of when rewards will be delivered. Project creators will keep you updated on the progress toward completion and delivery of your rewards.

Backing a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as purchasing an item from a store. When you back a campaign you are supporting the creation of something new. Rewards are almost always delivered, but are not guaranteed.

When will I be charged for my pledge?

Your payment method will not be charged right away. You will be charged for the amount of your pledge when the campaign ends and the project reaches its funding goal. You will not be charged if the campaign does not reach its funding goal.

What happens after the campaign is over?

The Creator will send out a survey that will ask you for more information about your pledge, your shipping information, additional items you may want to add to your pledge, and collect shipping fees if applicable.

The survey will be sent to the email address we have on file with your pledge.

Any additional payment will be charged when you complete your survey and confirm your order.

Project FAQ

Will I like it? Is it like Innovation? Mottainai?

Aegean Sea is a complex game with fairly simple core mechanics - on most turns, you'll spend a card from your hand to take its basic action. What makes it interesting is that you sometimes have the capacity to do more than that - if you can trigger a card's special ability, you can accomplish several turns worth of actions at once! Learning how to do that, and seeing the combos in your hand is crucial to success. Aegean gives you many opportunities to be clever, and if you enjoy finding neat solutions and executing them to advance your strategy, you'll love it. It is not a game without some elements of randomness! Conflict, the cards you and your opponents draw, and the order you draw them in over the course of the game will all have effect on your options. Your job is to harness that randomness to do as many cool things as you can do - hopefully more than your opponents can manage. Like Innovation, Mottainai, and many of our other games, Aegean Sea is built with many, many plays in mind. This is a game we want you to play and enjoy dozens (or more!) times, not just a handful. With the different Customs and 220 unique card effects, you'll be puzzling out new solutions every time you play.

How hard is Aegean Sea to learn?

Aegean has significant card complexity, but we've tried to keep the core game engine as clean as possible. Our goal with designing the rulebook and the way cards are worded is to get people playing the game quickly, and letting your in-game discovery of how cards work together drive that complexity, rather than dozens of pages of rules. That being said, it's got enough complexity that we wouldn't recommend trying to onboard brand new players in full 5-player games (especially those who don't enjoy heavy/complex games) 2 player games are best for new players, to minimize downtime. This is a game you learn and internalize by playing it, more than having it explained to you beforehand.

What do I get for backing?

You get the game first, and you get to support us directly and give us a good gauge on how many copies to print. We avoid gameplay exclusives because we want everyone to get the whole great game, whether they back it today or buy it five years from now.

Will Aegean Sea be available in stores? What will it cost there?

We plan to release the game to normal distribution worldwide, after we ship out all backer orders. We estimate the price will be between $35-40, but can't finalize that until after we see production and freight costs. Those're fluctuating quite a bit right now!

Is the game done? What's left to do before printing?

The game itself is complete, and all the cards are finished. We need to finish some layout work on the box and rulebook, but hope to go to print soon after the campaign ends, in late November/early December.

What does a Developer do? What does a Designer do?

My (Chris's) workflow with Carl is something I'd compare to how a writer and editor work together. Carl comes up with the raw ideas, and I help him refine them. With Aegean, that meant streamlining some effects and mechanics, figuring out optimal wording/explanation, and helping playtest to make sure everything works. It's a process we've used over the years on things like Innovation, and I think it's worked out pretty well!

Is there a Solo mode available?

At the moment, no. We welcome anyone who wants to create unofficial solo/AI variants, but our focus was on making the game work well for 2-5 players. We don't want to advertise a half-baked solo variant which would be unsatisfying!

I bought the Beta version at Gen Con 2019, what do I do?

If you bought one of the short run Beta copies available a couple years ago, there's a special $1 pledge level to back at. We'll credit you after the campaign for one copy of the game, all you'll need to pay is shipping. If you'd like additional copies, feel free to add them on! We'll collect proof of your token after the campaign.

What has changed since the Beta?

The biggest change is a streamlining of wording, to be consistent and more understandable across all cards. For example, we've split out movement on card effects to two keywords: "Sail", which means movement following normal rules for boats, and "Zephyr", which means movement ignoring those rules - your cards are whisked away on the winds! We've also made some smaller balance changes to individual cards, but the core concepts of the game remain the same. And of course - pretty art!

Can [Game] be added to the campaign as an Add-on?

Unfortuantely no - because of the way we're fulfilling this campaign, our current inventory of games is not at the same place as shipping hubs (especially internationally!). Pretty much everything in our line should be available in stores, although some distributors are a bit behind on restocking older games.

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