Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz


Huzzah!! 🙌🏻


Congratulations!! I hope the square pie/Sicilian is on its way to being unlocked.

With 27ish days left who knows what Mystery Slices will unlock 💖 Stay tuned in!

Pigeon pizza party time! 🥳 congrats on funding!

Thanks! I hope there are as many people excited about our free Pigeon Pizza Party Pins as we are 🐤🍕🎉

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4 months ago

Excited for the Pizza Pins & Bird Itabags collab! And to get my special pins from both of yall!!! Congrats on getting funded 🍕🐦

Woo-hoo! Yes we wanted a fun way to celebrate both project AND give all the amazing backers a little something extra for being the ones that made this all happen. 2 more custom pins sounded nice ✨

I found Pizza Pins from Itabags, I pledged with them first. I'm so excited about a pin collab! Thanks!

AWESOME! So happy to have you join the pizza-revolution. I noticed you jumped into my Patreon community as well! I recently re-framed that page and am really excited to get that goin strong in the coming weeks! A cool welcome postcard will be on it's way to you soon 📬

Pledged for both! So fun!

Awesome, appreciate the support! I see rad birds and pizza in your future 🔮