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New cosmic horror tabletop game REALM RUNNERS coming soon!

Jason Furie | San Francisco, CA
Forged in the burbs of Ohio and steeled on the streets of San Francisco. Weirdness and creativity is his greatest ally and boredom his arch enemy. Lives for crowdfunding as both an avid creator (Save Pepe, Rental Rumble, Pizza Pinz, Movie Moths) and as the Senior Community Manager right here at BackerKit ✌🏼


Skinner | Oakland, CA
An expansive, ever evolving art man, that likes to do everything because he is too excited about seeing what will happen. As long as it’s fantasy or weird or horror or trippy and fun. Has worked with Adult Swim, Tony Hawk, Netflix, Warner bros, Apple, but is mostly stoked on doing storytelling and expansive psychedelic paintings. Loves people, just wants things to be better ❤️


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