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The Weird

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Charles Ryan
about 1 year ago

Project Update: Weird Stickers Unlocked!

Once again, thank you backers!

In our second stretch goal unlock in the same day, you’ve funded the sticker sheet. Prepare to “weird up” your characters with images, replacement headers, and more, to make your character's sheet as unique as the game you're playing. This sticker sheet will be included with every copy of The Weird, so if your rewards include The Weird in print—standard or deluxe edition—you'll get the sticker sheet along with it!

Our very first stretch goal increased the content of The Weird. Let’s do the same thing for the Weird Deck. The Weird Deck is a tool for generating cool, interesting ideas at the game table without breaking the pace of your game. Want a bit of inspiration on the fly? Just draw a card. Or draw two or three, and pick the one you like best at the moment. It works just as well during prep, too.

At $300,000, we’ll upgrade the deck to a full 100 cards!

There’s lots of great buzz for this campaign. Please keep spreading the word, so we can bring in the new backer and hit this stretch goal—and more!

Thanks again for your support!
—Team MCG

Goal: $300,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!





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