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8 months ago

Project Update: Updates and apologies

Hey everyone, I’m terribly sorry for being gone for so long. I’ve had some requests to update and that’s more than fair. I’m going to include an explanation of what I’ve been dealing with at the end, tw for death, read it if you would like to but I also understand if you don’t. 

The survey should be going out next week if all things go at they should, I’m hoping to finish everything up this weekend. Everything promised in the project is still going to go through, but there may be some delay because of things on my end. I still really appreciate everything you guys have done and it was a real bright spot these past few months having the support. I’m excited that we are going to be able to make the 4 pins we unlocked, and I can’t wait to get them into your hands. At this moment I can’t say if there will be a delay on you receiving your product from my projected date as I did work in a good buffer but it will depend on how things go from here. As always, thank you. 

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I’ll cut to the chase, about a month  after the completion of this project, my father passed away after months of failing health and I have been struggling to work. It’s been one of the hardest years of my life, for him and for other reasons. I was his caregiver and it was not easy. I’ve had to deal with a lot of ends this year, and it’s for that reason that I’m struggling, on top of my pre existing issues. My oldest cat passed away, I lost a very good friend, and then my father passed. I am going to make sure everyone gets everything they paid for, but I am asking for a bit of leniency while I deal with everything going on. I should have done better about updating here when affected this project, but I was just so overwhelmed that i didn’t, and that is my failing. 
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