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Project Update: Quick Progress Update!

Here's what's been happening:

- samples are in production, see photos below
- sticker order sent out
- box art in progress
- orders and pre-orders have been locked
- 4 backers still need to complete surveys (please do so ASAP!)

Next steps:

- get the physical samples in the mail for Sarah to approve; expecting shipment in early June
- place the final order (includes BK orders, preorders, and a buffer for errors/after shipping shop sales)
- charge cards!!! <- I don't have an estimated date for this yet but once the samples are on their way to me I plan to give you all at least TWO WEEKS notice before the final charge. Final charge will include shippings and any add-ons as well as pre-orders. 

Please be aware that if this final charge fails your orders will not ship.
I will be diligent in reaching out to any failed charges to fix the issue.

The AdorkaBows shop is re-opening on June 1! 

Enamel pins, stickers, coloring books, and more. Mark your calendars. 
Includes Backer-Exclusive Content
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